post-apocalyptic Story

Your idea is very nice, I thinking about adding this. Yes the another countries are bombed too.

post-apocalyptic Story

Game sets in post-apocalyptic fictional country Nomad there bomb was droped in 2014's destroying most of the country, no safe place left except those who got sheltered underground. Most of populiation was killed or affected by radiation and trasformed in diffrent kinds of mutants. One of people mutation known as "Dark ones".

Players starts game in his shelter underground somewhere in Sprangvile town. Player survived 2 years living in underground and now hes out of food and water its time to enter the world.

Help me write a storyline, idk what he is going to do in wasteland! You will be credited. game have ready graphics and scripts, and I cant countinue developing becouse of story. game is similar to fallout series


no no, game is too hard, better balance the gameplay and attack dmg, it takes too long to kill a zombie its unrealistic

post-apocalyptic Story

Is there anyone would be interested in post-apocalyptic setting, with mix like fallout 3, stalker, survarium? Open world game?

post-apocalyptic Story

Thanks for the tip.

post-apocalyptic Story

I have in mind to make post-apocalyptic game, with free roam open world RPG i have 10years of rpgmaker experience and I can make very good quality game, but I have problems with storyline I cant create a story.. so asking any ideas what main quest player will have to do to finish the game. Game would be similar to Fallout, stalker something like that.


Happy to see you are still working on this

Mini-Game or Action Based Combat?

Glad you are still working on this, I would like to see this in action based.


You notice your map glitches and bugs? Anyway nice done.

Set Discrepancy

Second time I load my save the testers dissapeared. Looks like its a bug then new game starts
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