[RMVX] Playtest won't work...

I having trouble here... Playtesting doesn't work. It's just a black
screen. But when I play it outside the editor, it works fine. I can't
even test my battles! Can anyone help?

(Optional)Charset Improvement

Well i was wondering if someone could improve
this charset.I kinda noticed that it sucks a lil' bit,
I want to make it look good and no luck.Looked worse.
So if someone can please do.But it's just optional.

That's the characterset.If someone can make him have better walking
movement...It's optional as I have said.

Battlecharset request and charset.

Hello.Since i want a RTP character-sized battler.
I need someone to make this for me...So i hope somecan
can do it for me.

That's the character.It's not complete because it was left
incomplete by someone.He did'nt finish it.(too bad)So i need someone
to make a complete walking charset for him,please?


I want him to have these kind of battlers.(I think you sohuld do
the charset first to be easier for you to do this.Replace the steel bar
with a borad sword.Anything that you want to as long it's a normal sword.
This template is by InsaneJP.Give credit to him if you use it.)

Thanks in advance.I hope this is'nt to big for someone to finish.

A spriter needed for E.F.

:)Hello.I'd like ask for help
for the spriters here in this forum.
I'm making a game...(Of course...)
And i need someone to make sprites
for the game.I'll tell you what
style of chars once you're in.
If anyone wants to sprite for
my game post here.You can see game details
on here:
Thanks in advance.

Sprite Request with poses

Hello it's my first time to post in the forums... ;)
And finally my first time to ask for help.
1.I defenitely need charset(rm2k3) who's
clothes are like Carlos Olievera (RE 3 Character)
Only the clothes..I'll deal with the face.

2.I also need it to have poses like this:

P.S. Thanks in Advance and please don't steal.

Horribel Experience.

:( hu hu hu...when i play rm2k(3) games 2000/2003 i can't play them only a d**m black screen shows up i tried the map tree break but nothing was helpful to others but for solutions?!

MB Limit

Since this thing bothers me a lot,i decided to ask what if i'm about to submit a 70MB game?
that would go across the limit right?Then does that mean i won't be able to submit games that are higher than twenty(20)?
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