Games That Interests Me :: a playlist on

These games have something about them that interest me. I.e. Some of the ideas, good mapping, related to belief systems, mechanics, etc. Basically they catch my attention in some way but I still haven't played them. I like each one for different reasons.

Soma Union
We'll restore our world... together!
Tragedy of Argus
The story of a young knight and his rise to kingship, ultimately leading to his downfall
Coldsteel and the Chaos ...
A Sonic the hedgehog fan-made RPG
Another World: Tree of P...
Adrian a regular person transported in to a new world. Join him on a Adventure into Another world.
A modern-day myth of Valkyries versus Ragnarok. IGMC 2017 Finalist.
Sacred Sin
"All we are is what we leave behind."
Whimsical Misadventures ...
A Fairy-tale taking place in Detroit. An RMN Twisted Fairy-tale event entry.
Paradise Lost
A woman in search for herself
25-30 hour turn-based rpg inspired by the KJV Bible.
Once Upon the Woods
A Hansel and Gretel short RPG made for the RMW One map game challenge.
The Plot to Kill the Kin...
A game centered around the events regarding Jesus