it's like 60 Minutes on acid



RMN 4th birthday 4-hour

Ugh... I can't say I'm thrilled about the event's theme. I hate being forced to base my work on an existing creation of someone else's...
yeah, this

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

ferwin is for scrubs

real men use denever #teamdenever

RMN 4th birthday 4-hour

went ahead and signed up although tomorrow is busy for me so who knows whether this will work out. hoping i can get something made though!

So you say your game has strategy

punish smart players because somewhere in the world somewhere is trying to button mash their way through

wow brilliant

there was already a thread about grinding where i may or may not have posted something vaguely lucid but grinding is supposed to be an option not a requirement, especially for someone who plays smart

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

The Witcher FRICKEN 2

So you say your game has strategy

it's not simply getting used to but coming up with a trick to counter the boss that's the challenge

all you've really said is "bosses are challenging because you have to think of a way to beat them"

game design

edit: versalia beat me to it and in a better way. i dont give a fuck tho *lights m.a.d.t.h.i.c.k. blunt*

Edifice - A Slightly Less Decrepit Version

craze, make this your tagline:

so no healing when the character dies the game will be over

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Yeah, but you have to kill metal slimes using a friggin mage after the mage uses wizard ward or something.
iirc class skills like wizard ward will carry over so you don't actually have to be a mage when you do the quest, you just need to learn wizard ward
or maybe i'm totally wrong, but i vividly remember doing it with a warrior.

the best thing in terraria is when you get the horseshoe that prevents fall damage, then build a straight drop from the top of the map to the very bottom


No RMN For Harmless Jokes, the newest novel from Kormak MkKarthy

*is lynched for poking fun at "Kill Kount"*

What are you currently reading?

Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand.
make sure to burn it when you're done
Why? (I haven't read it)
well for one, Ayn Rand's philosophy (which she crams down your throat in her books) is pretty much disgusting

but there's also the fact that her book is abysmal, over-written, preachy garbage

also the book is literally about how rich people "know better" than everyone else

p.s. when i say she crams the ideology down your throat, i mean a good 50+ pages at the end of the book is dedicated to a character going into excruciating detail about it. it's honestly hilariously bad and the fact that anyone takes it seriously is baffling to me