it's like 60 Minutes on acid



Which game was the biggest disappointement for you?

Twilight Princess, Shadow Hearts 3 (not a bad game but i wish they would have toned down the monkey cheese shit a little bit), Bayonetta, Bulletstorm, Drakengard 2, Unlimited Saga, Okami, Guilty Gear 2 Overture, FF14, Suikoden 4, SMT Strange Journey... this list could go for a very long time!

also The Last Remnant and Alpha Protocol own wtf

Bye. This will be my last thread.

If I finally complete my project I will post it here... maybe
the suspense is killing me

Dialogue when recruiting characters

What will be your conversation style, length, and quality?
Style - Dialog appropriate to the character, mood and theme appropriate to your game's setting and seriousness level
Length - Long enough to be interesting and say everything you need to say, short enough to keep players from getting bored
Quality - Not crap

There is really no reason to discuss any of the above points individually.

Favorite videogame world.

Midgar was the most interesting place in FF7. I was disappointed when I hit the world map the first time and nothing else was like Midgar.

did ff7 even have any other cool locales? i literally don't remember any of them except midgar

Go Make me a Sandwich: Sexuality in Bayonetta (and other games)

author=Feldschlacht IV
Honestly when you think about it in your real life it's not hard to see.
yes it is

i "thought about it" when i called out the stupid thing he said; i didn't think it was true then and i don't think it's true now

studies also said that abundance of choice makes people depressed, 99% of the userbase here totally scoffed at that

Go Make me a Sandwich: Sexuality in Bayonetta (and other games)

author=Max McGee
It's much easier to make a generalized consensus about what men consider attractive; this is almost impossible to do with women's tastes.
ahaha what

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

i always thought Circle of the Moon was pretty bad but most people swear by it

Uh? Do you guys listen to music?

i think Fucked Up's new album is pretty great


my avatar is the guy from GameBro magazine in Homestuck (one of the few good things about Homestuck)

i don't like it that much and want to change it soon

ANOTHER gaming company got hacked...

i bet you guys didnt even read the anime bible