it's like 60 Minutes on acid



Looking for a RPG

Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey
why would you do this

Looking for a RPG

DS emulation works pretty much flawlessly with DQIX, fyi~

afaik, most ps3's aren't backwards compatible kentona :(
mine isn't!

Share your Battle abilities and algorithims

ulillilliannihilation: deal 7.2052E1.54E23 HP damages to all monster's regardless of level, race, creed, or neurological disorders of any participating parties

What are you jamming to?

What are you thinking about right now?

your laptop is trying to save you

you're just disappointing it


It's about as canon as me naming FF7's Cloud "Nimbus"

Demon Slayer

initial reaction: this is amazing

don't let me down.......


D o u c h e b a g

Which game was the biggest disappointement for you?

First off, the game plays way too fast. I don't care who you are, that's the fucking truth ... Sometimes, when I'm playing against a friend of mine, I can't even get a fucking hit in because the game is happening to quickly for me to react.
sounds like you're just bad at it

Chaos Wars ... The gameplay was decent
no it wasn't, come on
enemy health regenerated faster than you could even deal damage

Hell I disliked 10 a bit because they did away with the manual piloting of the airships. That was one thing that made the games good.
yes to this day i still boot up my ff8 save and just fly around, looking in wonderment at the beautifully rendered 3d world and quietly chanting, "why, toriyama? why?"

What are you currently reading?

Today I started "Infinite Jest" by David Foster Wallace
i hear this is good but the first paragraph made me want to vomit because it sounded exactly like some bullshit i wrote when i was 13

edit: what i'm saying is i read the first few pages and found it intolerable but hey let me know if it gets any better