Hi guys, i'm deadramone, just got back into RPG making after a couple years thinking I was too cool for it (and proved dead wrong). At the moment I'm working on a dystopic, cyberpunk thriller type game called 'The Frame'. Although it's sorta on hold at the moment while I figure out how to make a CMS which is proving difficult. I'm also composing a lot of the music in my game myself, I've put the first track up in my locker if you want to hear.

As well as making games I play a lot of them, skateboard, read and go to lots of gigs.

Event Graphic Problem (rm2k3)

Hi, basically I've got this really weird problem with one of the event graphics in my game. It's best explained with screenshots:

Here's the event graphics parameters:

And here's how it appears in-game:

And here's it's charset:

Know what's going on?
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