My name is Jacob.

I'm a full-time Game Developer for Drattzy Games LLC. I've got 2 beautiful kids and a super awesome wife! :D

I do a little bit of everything when it comes to game dev, but my primary focus is game asset design and level design.

Alterium Shift
Three heroes in training take on a mission that changes everything.




Yeah I totally get what you were going for with the gameboy vibe, so that's a success.

I meant map editor. :p

OOOHHH, silly me. lol
Thank you for the clarification.


Wow, impressive! ;D You've definitely chosen a style that's well-suited for VXA's blocky interface.
blindmind it's the same tile editor as 2k3 you nitwit

i don't LOVE this game's style but i certainly don't hate it. a bit too shiny maybe? i think it works in the game's favor though!

Same tile editor as rpg maker 2k3? Not sure what you mean... But I made all of these tiles in Photoshop myself as VX Ace RTP edits at 16x16 pixels then upscale a them. Took a good bit of effort. Ultimately, I was going for a Gameboy feel. :) that's why it's shiny. I'm glad you think it works in its favor!


Thank you! I was surprised by how well it came out myself! :D


:D thank you!

The Last Girl on Earth

Thank you! I will look into the issue. I would love to make this game longer when time allows!


Thank you so much!


Oh! Thanks! I'll look that up. :)

The Last Girl on Earth

Thanks for the video! Was fun watching someone play it.

It was meant for a contest and I only had a week to throw this thing together. :)

Summoner of Sounds

Can a Submission be a song (isn't currently available for download) that I've previously written that I feel would fit this challenge.

Summoner of Sounds

Thanks for the feedback Cashy, I'll try to find time to fix the flute =)