My name is Jacob.

I'm a full-time Game Developer for Drattzy Games LLC. I've got 2 beautiful kids and a super awesome wife! :D

I do a little bit of everything when it comes to game dev, but my primary focus is game asset design and level design.

Alterium Shift
Three heroes in training take on a mission that changes everything.



Smile Game Builder

I'm fairly sure this is an editor with great potential. It might be puny as of now but It's steadily becoming more impressive.
A huge letdown though, is not having dedicated forums. I feel this is really curbing the growth potential of the engine.

I really want to see a community making the most out of SGB, and I want to pair up with a 3D artist eventually t o create art assets : P

Exactly, as it stands, it's not perfect by any means, but they are adding new features regularly and it seems they really do listen to the community's feed back. An official forum outside of steam would be really nice though!

Smile Game Builder

I've been making resources for this engine since its release and I will say this at the very least: It's steadily getting better. They've added 3D battle system, some additional event options that it really needed, and they just keep coming. It's almost like it's currently in Early Adoption.

What's great to me is that the devs are really listening to their audience. Yes, right now it's rather limited, but in the future, it could really be something as good as RPG Maker as far as functionality goes. It already does something that RPG Maker doesn't and that's 3D environments with full camera control. I'm really hopeful they'll add scripting, but at the very least they could make it as functional as RPG Maker. That would greatly improve it's usability and customization.

If you'd like to see what I've made in the engine you can follow me on my facebook page: facebook.com/Jacobs3DArt

I personally think it's worth just the investment to the Devs themselves. Good 3D engines are nothing to scoff at and they seem very dedicated to their work.

The Last Girl on Earth

sorry it took a while but the Download links are fixed

The Last Girl on Earth

OH my gosh, sorry about that, I'll make the link available again very soon! probably tonight! sorry for the late reply

The Last Girl on Earth

Ahh, I much love this game.
It was a short playtime, but reasonable short that left me with some good feeling...

I think, we must certainly avoid the world wars... otherwise pesky slimes emerges in everywhere and sweet mushrooms starts escaping from us! This means eventually we have to eat slime soup. How awful...
Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Lol, I totally agree poopoose! Who knows what will lurk in the nights after the world is ravaged and people-less (or just less people in general) Though, slime soup can't be as bad as music hating giant mutant mountain moles. =P

The Magi Chronicles

Hello there, I have finished the alhpa demo downloaded from here (not sure if it's the latest build), it ends when Kain leads you out of the forest and offers you a place to stay for the night.

Overall, I have to say that this game is very good, however, there are a couple of major issues:

1 - The tilesets/maps are all ruined/corrupted and all over the place. I think 95% of maps have roofs, trees, chimneys in random locations. Apart from being immersion breaking, it's also really annoying when you're exploring since they also end up covering stuff that should be normally visible. Also several tiles (especially in Pronta village) allow you to go through walls or climb on fornitures, ecc...

2 - The turn battle flow may stop sometimes. I do not know what triggers this, but even though both characters and enemies keep taking actions in turns, the numbered debuffs or buffs will not pass and become permanent, this becomes a big issue for several maneuvers in the game. For example, ignite and holy fire will stop dealing damage, Renew will stop healing, Dark Channel by Naomi will paralyze her forever, unless killed, ecc...

These two should be top priority to fix, they can really break the game if someone is not willing to endure through it.

Then there's a few other minor issues:

1) After you get out of jail, you can take the ship and go back to the frozen land, if you take the ship again you will teleport to the throne room of Eldelyn stuck there with your characters and Garome, no one will interact, you have nowhere to go, and if you save, you're screwed and have to restart. (I didn't do it, whew =D)
2) In Eldelyn, when you're supposed to go out and take the airship for the first time, if you go back to the throne room the screen will move up towards the councile and you won't be able to do anything, except opening the menu, saving and screwing the game entirely. :P
3) Equipment from shops seems to be generally overpriced, perhaps with the exception fo the Mithril Axe that costed only 1000 and well, that was a no brainer. Everything else seems to require a rather unbearable amount of grinding.
4) So General Garris could use the Bardiche and a Shield but Corran can't? Corran can't wear Mithril Plate but Darryl can? errr...
5) Ashlynn does not gain TP in battle with attacks dealt or received, but only with the turn flow, because of the second major issue I posted earlier, this makes her tremendously underpowered and borderline useless.
6) Kain, by contrast, has the Dual Slash special, that is completely overpowered and I see no reason at all to use the normal attack with him. It costs zero, gives a lot of TP and deals more damage than any other of his own skills. Mistery. At least give it a cooldown.
7) Darryl's Blizzard is too good for only 8 MP. It makes all other spells retire, more or less. Maybe it should cost 28 MP instead.

And finally, about the voice acting:
I didn't like it, sorry, I found it cringeworthy. If you want my opinion I would remove it entirely as I don't see how voice acting can enhance a game unless it's top-notch AAA blockbuster stuff. Sorry for being brutal about this. Still, I wouldn't think that this could ruin the game if you decided to stick with it. I'd just lower the volume when it happens. :P

In the end though, I really enjoyed this game, I think you're really on the right track with this one, and with a few fixes and adjustments in the key areas I mentioned you could truly turn this into a little masterpiece.
Keep up the good work and looking forward to seeing the next releases!

Wow, thanks so much for playing and completing the current demo! That's awesome. I'll be looking over this for the next few days trying to figure out what I can and cannot fix. in the mean time I have fixed the issue with the overlay from Friasia that follows you around for the majority of the game and have updated the link. it will work with previous saves but you will have to go to Friasia and leave again (that's Daryl's hometown) It was a simple transition bug I forgot to remove the overlay if you left the town. I don't have much too add to the battle system stuff you had issue's with because I have to get with my co-creator about those issues, and hopefully we can fix them.

We are actually in the process of converting the game to work on RPG Maker MV so it's possible that the battle system may change for the better because of the crazy amount of scripts we were using, some things wont require that in MV.

I'm SO happy you enjoyed the game, I hope you'll play the MV version when we make it public because we will need A TON feedback I'm sure!

Shadow Fate

The fact that this game is finally public makes me giddy. I played it in its early stages and REAAAALLLY enjoyed it. The characters are awesome, story is awesome, battle system.... awesome! What more could you want in an RPG Maker Game? Please play this demo. I know I will, again.

The Last Girl on Earth Review

Ohh.. I do enjoy this review very much so, and I believe it to be very fair! :)

I would make one minor correction, and that's the fact that I wrote all the music myself. Their not outsourced, though, some are recreations of another project I am working on. I simply have it available for listening pleasure on my soundcloud.

Thank you for taking time to write this review. It does inspire me to return to the project for some updates and possibly a continuation of the story to answer those question you have!


Splendid spritework. Very impressive! :)

You can't even tell it's based on the RTP.

Haha, really? I guess because I made them it's easy for me to make the association. But thank you so much for your kind words!

Wow, impressive! ;D You've definitely chosen a style that's well-suited for VXA's blocky interface.
blindmind it's the same tile editor as 2k3 you nitwit

i don't LOVE this game's style but i certainly don't hate it. a bit too shiny maybe? i think it works in the game's favor though!
Haha I was waiting for you to see this~! ;*

Either way yeah, for some reason I really enjoy what you've done with the shading and overall vibe here. :) (And tbh I'm not usually someone who goes crazy over the retro aesthetic.) You've very smartly allowed the palette and mapping style work to your advantage here buddy~

It was actually kind of tough deciding what shades should be what, and what should have an outline or not... you'd think it would be easy but some stuff needed redrawing completely to look right, or the way I liked it at least. Thank you again! :)

The Last Girl on Earth

This was a neutral experience for me. there wasn't enough depth for me to care about the characters.
and there wasn't a reason for monsters to exist other then to have filler battles.
the black and white setting was a interesting touch. i only played one or 2 other games that did that.

that said i did enjoy the game it was short and to the point.
outside that theres really nothing to say.

try it,if you dont like it. its not long so you wont feel much regret either way.

Thanks Shayoko. :)
I agree, the time limitations I had really didn't allow for too much depth. But I'm glad you enjoyed it overall!