My name is Jacob.

I'm a full-time Game Developer for Drattzy Games LLC. I've got 2 beautiful kids and a super awesome wife! :D

I do a little bit of everything when it comes to game dev, but my primary focus is game asset design and level design.

Alterium Shift
Three heroes in training take on a mission that changes everything.




I've followed this project on Twitter for quite a while - loving the visuals you've accomplished here! The pixel work meshes so beautifully with the Octopath-style 2.5D approach.

Thanks a ton, Blind. Your support and kind words are, as always, greatly appreciated. :)

Alterium Shift

Aww hell yeah! Subbed!
Ahhh yeah! Thanks Giznads! :D

The Chronicles of Espiria Review

Hey! Thanks for the review. I haven't logged in here in a while, so when I did, I was presently surprised! Anyway, I appreciate the time and effort you put into the demo and I'm glad you liked it. I'll definitely take note of your errors in the game, I think there's a lot of updating I could do to this project now that there's plenty of new features added to the engine I made it in (Smile Game Builder). Yes, I did get Lain's design inspiration from Raynie, and even sent that to my character artist. Spot on, lol. Thanks again, hopefully I'll finally get around to giving this project the attention is deserves.

The Chronicles of Espiria Review

Thanks for the generous review! =P There's a lot of new stuff coming to the game, most importantly, updating the plot and character interactions. I appreciate you taking the time to write this out, I hope to maybe see you return to play an updated version, but that might be a while XD. Take care!

Deymoun: The Traveling Mercenary Review

Thanks for the review. Glad it could be somewhat enjoyable. The reason for the mixed character graphic on that one part is a throwback/easter egg referencing a previous game I made for a different jam. I had a friend actually making the character graphics for this one but they were unable to deliver in time which forced me to rush the mouthless 3D rendered ones I ended up using. So, it's no wonder it threw you off. Thanks again! :D

Deymoun: The Traveling Mercenary Review

Wow, thanks for the review. :) Glad you liked it as much as you did.

Updated Demo - The Chronicles of Espiria

Warning: Old save files from the previous demo may not work or may completely crash the game! You will need to start a new game and save over your old saves. At this time I do not have a way to remove those saves from your computer. Sorry!


Looks very promising, especially since you're making your own assets, at least for the characters, dunno if the scenery objects are vanilla.

Keep up the good work!

Thanks! The scenery in this particular scene is a mix of vanilla and I got some textures and the tent object I got off opengameart. As far as the characters, I manually customized them from a base model by Strawberries777. :)


I soooo love this! <3 ^_^
Thanks! Makes me happy :)


Haha, I see the resemblance!