Any games as good as The Way

Are there any games on here that's nearly as good the best game made to date: The Way?

Edit: Here are the things I liked about the way in order of importance and would hopefully look for as many of these qualities in another game:

- A deep intricate story (most important)
- The game was a huge tragedy
for everyone except Strata. Khloe's master screws another girl, Rhue's entire adventure was a lie and he loses his identity, Lyra having her whole family killed, the Landorin massacre, and a lot of main chars dying

- Being able to turn off all battles
- The soundtrack
- A love story
- The setting of being a wandering traveler

The Way

Hello, I guess most of you have played "The Way". I also heard there are three different endings. I played the game twice and got the same ending both times. Does anyone know how I could get a different ending?

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