Good Day to All

Hello everyone! I am Emanuel Sapinkopf, but just call me Emmy. I've already started doing a review, but I feel like I should introduce myself to the community now. Better late than never...

I hope to be a respected reviewer on this site, as well as perhaps a tester for some of you developers out there. To be honest, I also have some ideas for games myself, but only in writing. I dabble a little in sprite art too, but not enough to be well known or used as a resource. So, I do a little bit of everything I suppose, except for actually MAKE games. xD I've tried, but honestly there's just some sort of learning block between me and code, not that I can even install a toaster without breaking something, much less my own computer...

At any rate, I will gladly review a game, point out what needs fixing, praise what needs praising, and offer some advice. I might not know HOW the process goes, but at least I have a keen enough eye to spot what needs fixing.

If you want to see an example of my reviews, just look at Leo and Leah: A Love Story. And if you want to play a game. PLAY Leo and Leah. No, really, it's awesome.
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