Wilfred the Hero

Is it just me or are the colors a bit more washed out than the original one

Everlasting Journey

Oh.I didn't know that but I guess it's alright my stats being 0 escapes. lol

When's the next one? Also can we get missed treasures from this game on the next one? I think I have around 10 treasures missed and I'm not sure if I have missed any unique ones like emergems

Everlasting Journey

yea I missed that new staircase. Anyway I've finished it and is looking forward to the next episode. I guess my only complaint is that you can't escape battles.

Everlasting Journey

Hey on the quest for that guild that philipp was a part of I was supposed to go to isis tower right? but I can't fiind anything new there

Pirate Rush


strong parts: graphics. gameplay.

weak parts: dialogue.

Pirate Rush

How do you solve that torch puzzle in the cave



Why the hell did Moshi lead Leiko to the house saying she knew another way out of that crowd when it was obvious she has no idea what's in the place.

GW Chain Game V : Bonds of Slime

Thanks! Right now we're actually on an all-time low and on the lookout for possible developers. If you find time maybe you'd be interesting in doing a chapter.

Starless Umbra

I've been hearing about this.. nice job dude.

Acetonic Mushrooms Season 1

sometimes funny soemtimes not
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