The problem with 12 was that they made it too much like an online game. If I wanted to play an MMO, I'd go play World of Warcraft or Everquest or some crap. I like Final Fantasy's traditional battle system, and I think 10 perfected it. It really sucks that they changed, and I don't know a single person IRL that actually liked the new one.

The plot in 12 was also ridiculous. There are characters who are just filler and don't serve a purpose (Ashe), and characters whose motivations and backstory are hardly explained. At least in Final Fantasy 7, you could do a slew of sidequests or exploring and discover complex backstories about these characters, while others were revealed in the game's actual plot (I don't know a single character who didn't get some kind of backstory event/quest that helped define them). It was just something that was sorely lacking in 12, at least for me.

And I completely disagree about instantly hating every FF that comes out, then loving it later. I loved FF6, 7, 9, and 10 when they were released. I couldn't stop playing them. However, when 12 came out, I just didn't like it at all. It was mostly the battle system, I will admit, but there were plenty of other problems too. And look at FFVIII, for crying out loud. That game's been out for YEARS and a lot of people still don't like it. People dislike games because they're not fun, not because they're "new"...

A dumb question, but still

Does anyone familar with Rm2k3 know where the option is to make it so that your character jumps forward when he attacks in a fight? I took a few months off of my project and now that I'm back, I can't seem to find the answer to this. One of my characters jumps forward, while the rest do not. I remember setting this before, but how did I do it?

Lol, I feel nub-tastic!

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

What sucked about it?

And yeah Ashramaru, gotta love the consistency ;)

Unofficial Anime and Manga Discussion Topic

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I think both shows have potential, but the fact that it is just so long and ... well, more than some of the episodes are off-topic. How can anyone stand watching it for that long? Another anime that falls into this category is Inuyasha.

I agree. Inuyasha had potential at the start of the show, but it just drags on for so long and never accomplishes anything. That's why I really love shows like Trigun and Fullmetal Alchemist. They accomplish their goals within a reasonable amount of episodes and go out when they're still good. After a show sticks around for a long time, it just gets boring. Dragonball Z, anyone (or even worse: GT)?

I heard Death Note was good, too. Has anyone seen it? I haven't seen any recent anime so I'm a little in the dark on that one. As for Naruto, that show just seems too teen-friendly to me, but I've never tried to get into it so I could be wrong.

As far as movies go, I love Naussica and the Valley of the Wind, along with most of the movies created by that company. Akira was decent (I hear they're making a live action remake of this, along with the Dragonball movie...).



This is so ridiculous, it's funny. I love how serious they try to take it :D

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

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You...mean it's out right now?

WTF!? Why are these good games getting released so god damn early. ****

I'll pick this up on Friday, along with the Wii Fit. :)

Then there will be Megaman 9 soon. Yay!

Vesperia is, not Dawn of the New World.

Magicians Model.png

This map looks better than the castle one, but it's too symmetrical. Don't use the same identical guys to guard it. That's fine if they have helmets on, but the same face and haircut? It just doesn't look realistic. Also, throw some butterflies in there or something to give it more substance.

Warriors Barracks.png

You need to work on your mapping. The pillars on the right and left both have look weird because of their bottoms. The road looks cheap. Try to blend it all together. A good map can take a while to develop. You can't just slap it together.

Why (God Why) so many medieval fantasy games and so little of anything else?

Personally, I love both scifi and fantasy. I think most people tend to go along with fantasy because those are the ones in the ones embedded in the history of the RPG. I loved Seeker of the Sun (indie rpgmaker game), although it was a little short, and I like how Final Fantasy mixes Science Fiction and Fantasy together, though oftentimes these games are either on one extreme or the other.

Right now I'm working on a fantasy game simply because that's the story I want to tell. I want to also make a scifi story, but to do something like that requires even more work because you've got to find the chipsets, charsets, etc to match the game, and that's just harder to do with that genre.

As for modern day settings---these just aren't for me. Why would I want to play an RPG set in the modern world? Unless it's a comedy, I see no point. Let's face it, the modern era is boring, which is why no one makes serious games about it (unless you time travel or it's the apocalypse), not to mention the fact that chipsets for this setting are even more impossible to find than the future ones (at least as far as rm2k/3 go). Plus, who wants to drive a car when you can ride an airship or a spaceship?

post your picture

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My hat is superior.

Yes. Yes it is.