It bothers me a little that Zidane is in this, but not a lot. However, the battle sprites don't look anything like him, so that might pose a problem.


Here's an idea for you, by the way, instead of having Link in the traditional setting like this, why not throw him into the future? Call it Zelda: A Link to the Future, or something. It would be a fun twist on an otherwise overplayed genre. You might even be able to use the RPG system in it without the action, but the story would have to be great. I hope that helps! I'll keep checking back :)


Judging from your screenshots, you're on the right track. Just add more detail and come up with a sleeker text box. Replay Zelda SNES and compare it to that. I say more detail because it's hard for me to judge your game based on link standing in a screen with nothing there. The walls are nice, but they're also ripped, so your map design hasn't impressed me that much, but at the same time I really want it to, and I think you could. Like I said, just add more. Show us some features too.

Oh, and if this is a Zelda game, you might want to figure out a way to make it a non-RPG style game, and more of a zelda action game. It's totally possible, but very hard to do, especially for your first game. Put some research into it and seriously consider it before you get any further in this project. You might just want to do a non-zelda game entirely, because half the fun of the Zelda series is its fighting system.

Character poses (sprite help)

I need someone to help me turn a few character models into various poses so that I can use them in battles. I'm trying to make a Final Fantasy 6 type of look for the fights.

Here's an example:

Those are the sprites I need made, and here are the characters:

If anyone can help, I'd really appreciate it! :)

Text question

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RM2k3 doesn't like most default window fonts and it will only use fonts in the Windows/Fonts directory so its pretty much "argh rm2k3".

Try this RPG_RT, it uses a default Windows font and it's readable! I might be getting a false positive though, it uses the MS Gothic font and I think I replaced mine with the RM2k3 fix font.

So if I download that, it will fix it? Where do I put the .exe once it's downloaded?

Sorry, I'm not that computer savvy, at least not with Windows.

Text question

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Also that why should be while in your text box.

Lol, yeah I noticed that after I posted it.

Thanks for the info though. Kinda sucks because a few of my pals aren't members on here so I'll have to walk them through the install process. Oh wellz.

Also, where is the font directory located?

Text question

Now, after I do that, will everyone who plays my game have to do that as well? Or will it be fixed for them when they download the game?

Text question

Is there a way to fix the text in RPG Maker 2003? I downloaded the program and the letters seem to overlap at certain times. For example:

As you can see, certain letters overlap. I was just wondering if maybe there was a download to fix it like there was in RM2k.



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There are characters who are just filler and don't serve a purpose (Ashe)
Um....did you sleep through it? Ashe was essentially the main character, with Vaan as nothing more than a PoV audience surrogate. I'd be able to accept arguing that Vaan was a filler character that didn't serve a purpose....except that it ignores his role as audience surrogate, so it's a pretty shallow way of looking at the character, too. But Ashe? She is practically the only character who couldn't be removed from the plot and have it still make sense.

Oop! Sorry, I meant to say Panelo (or whatever her name was). It's been a while since I played the game.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

I'm replaying FF7 right now, mostly because I'm waiting around for Star Ocean 4 to come out.
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