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vv game is the only way to overcame the womenz we is a slave to vv
hi for some reason my profile nam is wrong it yuno44908 not kaledemoso anyways,I am a clone of ... actually I don't want the illuminati to be know that so nevernind that was mistake I am just his best friend
so my game is back, it is a basically more perfect tthan was before. if you need ruless im not post it again so here click but if you must know and unsmart enough to read it is a game where you can do everything. it is limitless. you may be a explosive sandwich or a Vase-mancer, anything. just don't be worm its stupid. also there is a few new rule and way to play you can make your own stat or character even be a stupid worm for just to joke around, dont actually have to play the mmorpg game

for example one class is doritos seller: his codename is gaming journalism. he is very weak having only 1hpr and 1mpr but he has %99 hit rate for anybody he sells chips to he can sell poison flavor doritos to infict poison, dirty doritos to infict paralyze +100hpr 10bl 34lel 420blazeit damage, he also throws doritos dust up the customer nose to deal -31mpr and sneezing damage but it also induces the mountain dew status, which quintiples their stats but makes the charater instantneous die if they drink anything other than mountain dew.
another class is plate. plate has 500000hpr mpr and arm10 but will lose 99% of all stat if it falls more than 10 inches. plate can be support or tank or damage dealer or healer he can prevent %99 loss by getting a plate parachute, but it can only get it if it serves a legendary dish, it can also have change and other object on it. if you stack a plates, it will get much stranger than if one plates you can also choose the sub-class paper plate, but it's weak. the plates status effect is dishwashed, spaghetti and meatballs, broken, antique, cracked, and kitchen table.

To start the perfect gamme I wiil make the dorito seller throws dorito dust up the buzzsaw juggler nose.

so now you can play the perfect game. almost, first thought, my freind said to show you this he said its in "plane ingglesh" which is weird:

Okay. I'm really not sure whether to make this a forum storytelling game or not, since this a little involved and, ironically enough, I've never played or structured a forum game before.Obviously, I should preface that terrible grammar and punctuation is not necessary by any means, but you type as I did above if you want. basically, my intention is to have the post after this one continue the story/game by
  • (optional) describing the stats and abilities of the namedropped character(who in the case of this OP, is the buzzsaw juggler)
  • detailing the namedropped character's reaction to previous poster's character's action(who in the case of the OP, would be the doritos seller).
After this, the poster can:
  • continue with the undescribed character, making him/her/it/worm perform another action in response to the previous poster's character or new character they namedrop
  • kill off the previous namedropped character with a new character they describe, then have them interact with a new namedropped character

and finally once the poster does that, it's all peachy. if they're really awesome, they can make a compendium entry structered like the following:
(character name and/or class)
(bio type stuff like age, blood type, etc. in as many lines as you need. You can skip this if you want)
(stats, in as many lines as you need)
(type 'Skill list:')
  • skill
  • skill
  • skill

(silly 1-3 sentence description of character.)
If you do this I will add it to the character compendium, which I will reserve in a post after this one

alternatively, you can make fun of and berate me for being a tryhard. The insults are limitless.Or, you can do whatever; this Welp,Welp! after all, and you're in a free world...I hope.

tl;dr: I made a long shitpost mimicking a legendary banned user thread, and want to maybe make a forum game of it.

a topic...2 years in the making...

Technically, 3 years in the making. I've lurked rmn damn near daily since 2010, looking at game information and random blogs and the like. I've actually been a member since 2011, but I'm hella sure I haven posted enough to be considered a two year member. I admit, my inclination to post doesn't come often. but hopefully, I'll become the token poster. or not, maybe just an overtly reserved schizoid douche schummbag
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