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Art Fart

Hm, I think my old topic was nuked, so heres a new one to annoy everyone with my arts. (sorry)

First Silas design that I tossed out because I wasn't in like with it.

The Silas design that I went with because I didn't really have the time to be nit-picking. XD Haha. There are many terrible flaws in this picture and I hope you'll find it in your soul to forgive them.

' w ' '''' and that's all I have for now...everything else is pretty old and...well..anagram-y.

Edit: Image resize to the rescue. OTL


Sorry if this doesn't go here, but here's to hoping I'm right! I do have a different art thread here, but I didn't want my commission infos to inter lap with that so here it is:

Lineart ( Flat colors/ Shaded ):

Bust: 10 (15/25) USD
Waist up: 20 (25/35) USD
Full Body: 45 ( 50/60 ) USD

* These are sketchy linearts + flat colors (dont mind the lineart unless you want it sketchy and that'll deduct half USD from reg price): Boy, girl

Simple bust shots (lineart will not be as clean as above with no blacks): 20 USD

Painterly (monochrome/color):

Bust: 25/35 USD
Waist up: 35/50 USD
Full Body: 70/80 USD

If you're batch buying, I'll definitely give you discounts...and if you want backgrounds...well you dont want backgrounds OTL;;;

If you have questions, let me know~ and please email if you're interested.

Sorry if you think the prices are a bit crazy...sadly I have bills to pay and I don't have time to do something that wont benefit me even if just a little bit.

Fullbody/Lineart/flat colors: NSFW, Male Nudity, blood


Wow, I didn't see the introduction thread and jumped right to the art section!;;; Sorry for that, so this is my belated introduction.

I'm rather new to game making period though I've been pretty serious about my art for years. I was introduced to this site by a friend of many names(Archaea_nessiah) and have been lurking quite frequently. Recently I've gathered the courage to post but I'm actually quite frightened of all of you. Haha. But I also admire you that much for all of the games you guys managed to make and are currently producing! The only skills I have to offer in the game production is character art and GUI designs. I feel totally n00b here....

I'm a huge fan of RPG games, namely the Breath of Fire ( 3 + 4 especially), DW, and SMT series. Admittedly not the hugest fan of Squeenix. My favorite video game character ever is Dante from DMC hands down. I wish they'd port Tales of Vesperia to playstation 3 already...and...Demon Souls is hard. :(

....And my misleading title was a mistake...*facepalm*

THIS IS ART TOPIC// Marimo's digi painting

Sorry for the lame subject title...the only words that came to mind on the spot was homosexuality and the one up there. X'D And this is when I start my art dump (of old things):
(hidden for size)

I'm sorry for posting so many dull looking UNFINISHED things. TDT:;;;
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