The Screenshot Topic Returns

Hey guys,

I'm pretty new hear. I have been trying to get my game submited, but it is being denied on the basis of "mapping is not up to required standards".

What exactly do I need to fix/what am I doing that is below the standard? Any help is would be greatly appreciated.

Let's work on your game descriptions!

My game was recently denied on the basis of my description. I have already made some changes, but am looking for any other feedback on how I can get it up to snuff.

On a related note, I also recieved the note that my mapping was on the cusp? Does this mean I should select better screenshots?

Meet Audrey and Miles, a young couple of little ambition. Both still live at home with their parents and have little in the way of carreer asperations. What begins as a simple task, help Miles put some minutes on his cell phone, quickly spirals into a sprawling quest that will take all of the young couple's strength and cunning. Laugh, cry, and fall in love all over again, as Audrey and Miles are forced to examine themselves, their relationship and the city they live city.

Super Basic Human Needs is an RPG prequel to the upcoming independent comedic feature film Basic Human Needs. For the first time ever in a video game, explore alovingly recreated Regina, Saskatchewan as you help Miles and Audrey complete the Quest for Time! Battle your way through hoardes of ennemies in such locales as the Cathedral District, Victoria Park, and the deadly Cornwall Center. Grapple with terrifying bosses such as the Safeway Manager and Little Red. Can you complete the Quest for Time and save Miles and Audrey's the future?
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