This game looks AMAZING!!!I can't wait to play it!!!!

Alice: The 1st Story

It looks good I can't wait to play it O w O

It Moves

Omg this game is REALLY SCARY!!!!!!!!


Oh my the game hasn't been completed yet!? I want to play it so much!!!

Dreamfarer (English Translation)

This game is super coooooollllll!!!! The art, the music,... everything is so beautiful. Its plot is awesome ; A ; U all should play it at least once time ; w ;

The Merchant's Tale

It looks amazing omg I can't wait to play it ; w ;
When is it going to be released ; w ; ??

Growling Garden

Wow it;s fantastic

Close Your Eyes: Intermission

Wow the garphic looks cool \( ' v ' )/

Star Stealing Prince

Wow your game is amazing o A o
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