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Final Fantasy Essence

Woah. What happened here? I'm confused, work is still being done on the game right? It's just that progress won't be posted on this site? It's a shame, I like following games here because it's easier to get updates. Ah well, I played the demo and I loved it, to hell with the haters.

Puella Magi Celia Magica

I'm trying to keep the general atmosphere of the anime without making the game look like a copy-cat. That and I know how fan-made games based on anime are looked at so I'm really giving this my all.

Breath of Fire II: The Fated Child (XP)

I was just wondering if you guys were planning to release the resources you used as a sort of BoF RTP pack after the game's finished.


Best games for PS2?

IIRC, Strange Journey started off in development as SMTIV but they decided to make it a side-game like "if..." (which really needs a translation by the way)

Anyways, I loved Nocturne... about 30 hours in. The small dashes of story in-between huge as hell dungeons and tons of grinding was extremely off-putting but when the game picked up, boy did it pick up. I guess it's fair to say that DDS (at least in 1, because 2 was fun and engrossing from start to finish) was a bit similar; near the end of both games was epic and exciting it's just too bad that with Nocturne (at least IMO, I don't know if this place is as hostile as GameFAQs yet) the build-up came a bit too far into the game.

Movie Suggestions...

Before Sunrise
Girl, Interrupted

They aren't for everyone but they're some of my favorite movies.

Uh? Do you guys listen to music?

I love music! According to my iPod, these days I've been listening to a lot of :

Florence + The Machine
Britney Spears (lolstereotype)
Demi Lovato (what?)
Katy Perry
Oh Land
Christina Perri
The Script
Two Door Cinema Club
The Veronicas


I wanna say so many things but they would all be considered racist.

Say it, say it pls, pls omg pls

author=Abdel McCrack
momomoko, please share more trevor sayer songs with us i am intrigued, interested.....

Later, for some reason Google and Youtube isn't working for me. :(
You should be ashamed that you don't know much of him, he is one of the greatest musical minds of the 21st century.

Go Make me a Sandwich: Sexuality in Bayonetta (and other games)

I'm a bit lazy to read through the entirety of this topic but what I've noticed is that female characters are usually "badass sexy" with massive breasts or a weakling, support-healer type of chick.

I've noticed that the latter usually appears in Japanese media. Has there ever been a Japanese game with a "badass sexy" female protagonist? Should Lightning from FFXIII be considered one? I haven't really played that much Japanese games with female protagonists...

Anyways, I actually enjoy discussing stuff like this.

Best games for PS2?

Digital Devil Saga is one of my favorite game(s?) for the PS2 and I'd recommend it to just about everyone. Persona 3 and 4 (Nocturne too I guess) are good as well but DDS, especially DDS2, was just a joy to play; the story is really engrossing.

The game is pretty grind heavy I should add but most of the SMT franchise is.

EDIT : loloops, I posted in the wrong topic

What are you thinking about right now?

I'm thinking about going to sleep since it just started to rain pretty heavily.
Also, thunder. *screams*
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