I'm a college student. I like games. I'm making some with Super Mario Bros X. I also like to watch Let's Plays. Mostly BoboTheVulture and MysteriousJG.


Rogue-likes for the Less Hardcore

I've played a few roguelikes in recent years, like Shiren the Wanderer, Binding of Isaac, Rogue Legacy, Dungeons of Dredmor. I was wondering if anyone knows of other good roguelikes, preferably ones that aren't brutally hard.

Favorite NES Games

Been playing some classic NES games lately. Mega Man 3, Legacy of the Wizard. I was curious what other people consider to be their favorite NES games.

RPG Maker XP Security Threat

So I've been trying to download RPG Maker XP from the website, but Norton immediately removes it due to a security threat. Has anyone experienced this before?

SMBX Project: Need Tester, Ideas and Resources for SML2-style Game

So I really want to make a Super Mario Land 2 style game, with sprites, sounds and music that fit. I'm having a hard time finding sprites, tilesets, background, etc. Oh, and this is going to be in color, unlike the actually SML2. If you can find/make the graphics, I'll worry about color.

If you've got any resources or would like to help out for the duration of the project, lemme know.

HELP WANTED: 8-bit Graphics Designer for Retro RPG

I need someone who's skilled in making 8-bit style sprites and tilesets. I want to make a very retro RPG with a similar visual style to the Gameboy SaGa/FF Legend games, only with NES colors. I've got the palette and most of the ideas, I just need someone to take on the visual work so I can focus on everything else.

If you want to know, the game will probably be called Hero of Another World, until I find a better title. It's about a kid who gets warped to a fantasy world and becomes a hero blah blah etc. It's meant to have a very cliche story. Hopefully it will be a fun little game when it's finished.

So if you're interested, post your response or PM me, and I'll have you make something to show me you're a good fit for the project.

Oh, and if you're good at writing dialogue, I could also use that.

SMBX Custom Music Delay

I'm trying to use some custom tracks in my SMBX levels, but there's always a delay of about 5 seconds before the track starts playing. When I play the track in any media player, there is no delay at all. Normally I have no problem using custom tracks. What gives?
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