I'm a college student. I like games. I'm making some with Super Mario Bros X. I also like to watch Let's Plays. Mostly BoboTheVulture and MysteriousJG.



Super Mario Bros. 3X Review

I have a strong desire to replay this game.

Subcon Stars Review

RPG 20XX Engine

By which I mean, can I make a bug-free game with it?
There is no such thing as a bug-free game, with any engine.

Can I make a game from start to finish with the current version?

RPG 20XX Engine

Is this engine complete? By which I mean, can I make a bug-free game with it?

An RMN World Approaches!

How much time is left and what gaps need to be filled?

An RMN World Approaches!

If this ends up happening, I might make a level or two.

Super RMN Bros. 3

from Solitayre
I could have done without the story being 'halibabica vs Talking Time' but at least it's almost 100% skippable.
It was worth it to bury that awful hatchet; it hasn't bothered me since. Besides, I've heard people say they really liked the story.

SMB3 story was better.

Revised Approach

SMBX is dead.
Long live SMBX

A shame it's such a limited engine.

Revised Approach

Just finished my nap. Did I miss anything?

Revised Approach

RMN Water World.

That movie isn't nearly as bad as it's reputation.

Movie 43 is a more accurate comparison.