Old school RMers: what are some communities that you used to belong to that have ceased to exist?

I spent a lot of time on GamingWorld under the username "Clucky". I still think of it from time to time, and remember the many strange happenings and inside jokes - it definitely had a huge influence on my creativity and sense of humor. I discovered two of my favorite bands there - "Pure Reason Revolution" and "Porcupine Tree".

I started a little spin-off community called "Gaming Central Forums" (GCF) on invisionfree and I had a blast. We had about 60 members at its height, probably no more than 20 active at any given time. There were more moderators and admins than normal users. We tried rebranding and creating a custom website, and the whole thing fizzled out.

Holy nostalgia! The internet was so different back then! I've really come to loathe this new age of social media. It feels so angry and shallow.

Exile's Journey

It always brings joy to me when I see that RM2K3 is still being used, and that there is still a community to enjoy it. It brings me back to the golden years of GamingWorld.

Your game looks beautiful - keep up the good work! I'd love to play it when you release it.
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