Hi, my name is Red Wall 10, and I like to make games on RPG Maker "XP" or "VX" because I think it is easier to use. I enjoy Phantasy Star and other sci-fi role-playing games.
Circuit Blade
Soler System


Looking for a team

looking for a team for r p g maker "X P" Projects someone that works on there own like me, one person should be fine thanks.

Rpgmaker XP Tile Sets

Rpg maker xp needs more love. as in a tile set pack. they have packs for all the other rpg maker programs. but not for xp if anybody out there cares for this program please make a resource pack. Thanks

Battler Set Up

I need someone to set up this battler sprite for me please for I do not know how to set it up. any help! would be nice thanks

Resident Evil Menu

Hey can anybody help! me I'm looking for a resident evil menu script for Rpg Maker VX However there is none. I have looked all over the internet and have not found one. I Was wondering if anybody could make me a resident evil menu for rpg maker vx becuses Vx realy need's one thanks.oh and this is the menu from vx ace.

Need Phantasy Star Resorse

In Need Of Phantasy Star Resores can anybody help me I need stuff for phantasy star. for one two three or four or any other. like Title sets or sprits from phantasy star 2 thanks.

[Poll] Let's Talk About Phantasy Star

Hi everyone let's talk about phantasy star. so I am a big fan of all phantasy star Game's I started playing the first one on Sega back in the late 80s or early 90s
And I play now tile this day. well here is some history of phantasy star I hope You like It.

Another series of lesser known, but equally important role-playing games in terms of the development of the genre is the Phantasy Star series on Sega consoles. Starting with the Sega Master System and progressing onto the Genesis and now Dreamcast consoles, the Phantasy Star series has (with a single notable exception in the third game of the series) always been developed on the cutting edge of technology. All of the games, in particular Phantasy Star I and the newest, Phantasy Star Online, have pushed the boundaries of their system’s performance. In addition to providing exceptional and innovative game views and game play, the Phantasy Star series has also always provided some of the best, innovative storylines of the genre. The first two games in particular did more with their storyline than any other RPG of their time.
Anyway guys I think it would be cool if they made a live Phantasy Star Movie what? Do you think

Suikoden Help!

I need help I am trying to make a Suikoden Game and I want
To know were to get the stuff used in the game any type
Of new info would be nice thanks. Oh and this is not my game
I am just looking for a way to get a status window like this one.


Can anybody help me I need a FACES IN BATTLE SYSTEM SCRIPT
For my pay to play game. Engine Rpgmaker VX Thanks
So Yeah I want to be able to see the face in the battle system.
So can anybody help me please I need a Side View Battle system
for Rpgmaker VX for a pay to play game Thanks

Rebellion Title Screen

Can Someone Make Me a Forbidden Story Title Screen With a
Big Sword On the Cover For Rpgmaker VX Size 544 416 Please

Spelling and Grammer

I need someone to fix all my bad spelling in grammer In my Dragon cult game just the
story part of the game not the npc's
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