Hi, my name is Red Wall 10. and I like to make RPG's on maker "XP" because I Think It Is easy To use. I love Phantasy star, and other types Of scifi r p g 's.



Let's work on your game descriptions!

Thanks, however is the top text ok. oh the text I type before

Let's work on your game descriptions!

March first, 2050 area mining facilities have become corrupted, by hoards of alien life known as Polands, and you are the last hope for the people of earth and other planets, graduating from ribbon academy you set off on your journey, meanwhile finding crooked file reports of unknown deaths, the academy needs your help, to repair this dangerous turn of events also restoring data this is a sci-fi world of robots and aliens some good some bad also a spaceship as your home base where you teleport to place to place

Looking for a team

looking for a team for r p g maker "X P" Projects someone that works on there own like me, one person should be fine thanks.

Let's work on your game descriptions!

Ok game on page

Let's work on your game descriptions!

The year is 2145 and earth is at peace. people go on with their daily lives. however It did not last long. when they started to have problems with corrupted law enforcement. and unknown alien attacks. for earth resources. so now there is only one last hope. you are a space cadet that has graduated with a low score of rank c. and laugh at by you're pears and get a job that no one wants. a man name Zuko has invited your home planet with wild robots and other types of evil. now it is up to you and some strangers to save the solar system.

Let's work on your game descriptions!

The year is 2145 and the earth lab computers seam corrupted by Unknown Alien technology and If not repaired the economy will be Destroyed. this Secret program will stop at nothing to take over the Earth now you and your friends must become space cadets. while Uncovering lost data and stop. this evil organization with the help of loco science institute. your goal is to recover the data from all three lab computers and turn it into the loco scientist. and stop a man name Ziler after he killed you're father five years in the past.

Let's work on your game descriptions!

The year is 2145 people of earth are terrorize by cropped law Enforcement the government has covered up human rights Information in labs computers so must be well guarded now you and your friends must become space cadets an uncover lost data and stop this evil organization this is a sci-fi story of a group of friends trying to find there way in the world while becoming Heroes of the solar system


Hey do you need help with a title screen I can make you one if you want.
And nice game let me know if you want to team up sometime. Oh and I would like to help you with you're game