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Before Crisis Remake

Hi, can I make changes
for an updated-custom version?

I want to ask you before,
I tried put bigger facesets with custom messages, charset edited to make the walk animation complete (for npc)
Obviously it's your project, with your credit.

If I change something I will share the work.

Sure, no problem.

I'm trying to remember the name of a game. Can someone help?

Orale of Tao is probably the game that i'm looking for.
I had seen the game a long time ago, so i'm going to download it and play to be sure that this is it. Thanks for the help, guys :-)

Before Crisis Remake

Hi! I have just download the file, but I don`t know how to use it. Need I some program? How can I play with this? Could anybody help me?
Thank you very much!

You just need to look for the rpg_rt.exe in the main folder, and run it.

Before Crisis Remake

Hey just downloaded it, working great by now, but.... Is it already finished or is there still game to add from the original??

PD: Are you planning on remaking the sprites, tilesets, etc, to something less mobile version?? If not, could I use your remake as a base for a graphic remake of this great game??

I think that i'm done with it. I have thought on reworking the battle system, as i now have the experience and knowledge to develop an efficient action battle system, but i don't have the time or interest anymore.
Feel free to do a graphic remake of it. It sure is going to be some work.

Before Crisis Remake

Hi! Thank you for this game. I downloaded it and played it immediately on my Win7 PC and got to Chapter 6 (or 7) already but unfortunately, an error "Event script referenced an event that does not exist" suddenly appeared. I tried searching for fixes to and try if I could fix it myself but I can't. I had checked which map I was from the last save point I had which was Map0175.lmu

I double checked all the .lmu files and it was all existing per number. I don't want to delete any file or configure anything since I think this is solely a mapping error. Is there anything you can do to fix this?

Hope you respond soon. I'm restless in finishing this game. Haha! Thanks!


Found the exact .lmu file where I stopped access on the game and where the error appeared: It was file Map0183.lmu and it seems to me there had really been a bug on that file but I just don't know how to fix it. Would be nice if you could at least provide a modified file for Map0183.lmu to Map0184.lmu and see if I could just overwrite the files.

Hope I provided everything for you to help analyze the situation. I'll wait for your response! Thanks a lot!

It has some different bugs on different computers. The best that i can recommend is copying the game to another computer (the save files along), getting past the bug, and then copying the game back to the original computer. Or maybe trying the chapter again. Some bugs do happen if someone scrolls to fast through the dialogue boxes, so i recommend to skip it only when the text is completely on the screen and the characters have finished their movement on the cutscene.

Before Crisis Remake

It's very cool and useful! Thank you!
and excuse me, is there any chances of a Japanese version or sharing the original Japanese text?
It's hard to find the original text nowadays and I'm looking forward to it.

Hi. Sorry, but i think that the original japanese text is kind lost at this point. There was a full playthrough on youtube, japanese with subtitles, but it seems to have been deleted.

I'm trying to remember the name of a game. Can someone help?


It's not this game, but thanks for the try. It was a mix of adventure with life simulation.

I'm trying to remember the name of a game. Can someone help?

It is really similar in concept, but it's not the game i'm trying to remember. The title screen had a scenery, or some character, where you could see the sky, i think.
I used to put some words on google like "rpg npc daily routine" and it would show up, but i don't remember the exact words that i used, so i can't find it anymore.

I'm trying to remember the name of a game. Can someone help?

It's an rpgmaker game with npc schedule, day night cycle and all of that.
It uses the base sprites, i believe. And i think that it had a calendar system with seasons, but i'm not sure. It was made with XP or MV, but i'm also not really sure... This is the best description that i can give, because i can't remember anything more.
I've looked the list so many times, and still coudn't find it...
I remember that the title screen was kind generic and ugly, but it praised itself for being an ambitious game.
Someone has any idea what game it may be?

Before Crisis Remake

PS I've downloaded it onto a Macbook

You need to run the rpg_rt.exe for it to work, but i don't know how it would work on a macbook.