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Castlevania - Elegy of the Curse

"The RPG Maker 2003 Runtime Package is not present or not registered."

I have had the RPG Maker 2K3 RTP installed for a long time, and did a re-installation to be sure, still cannot start the game.

I don't know what is the cause of this problem. I have tested all of my pcs, and it works just fine, even the ones that don't have it installed.

Let's work on your game descriptions!

Thank you for your help! It really looks well thought and more organized.
I'm going to resubmit to see if it's accepted.

Let's work on your game descriptions!

Hello, friends.
So, i have a reasonable understanding of english, but it seems that i make mistakes sometimes, as the next description has "missing words and sentence structure issues". I don't have idea what to change, could someone help-me?
Thank you in advance.

The description:

It's the year 1691. Dracula's castle rises at the sky of Transylvania. Being the wielder of the Vampire Killer, the holy whip which grants the ability to his user to fight the creatures of the night, Simon Belmont sets on a journey through the halls of Castlevania, fighting a number of different enemies, as ghosts, zombies, bats, and the like.
Simon's main objective is to destroy Dracula and live a quiet life after that, but it may not be possible...
Simon is cursed after his final fight against Dracula, and at his last breath, the evil Count throws a curse at Simon. The curse affects not only him, but all of Transylvania, so it is up to him to travel the transylvanian countryside looking for a way to end the curse of Dracula, once and for all.
About the gameplay:

There's not only the classic action-adventure aspect, as it is seen in the original games, as there's rpg aspects and changes to certain game mechanics to better adapt to the engine and keep the challenge fresh. As an example: the possibility to maneuver Simon and try to dodge enemies, as the area of action is not just a 2d plane, but a "bird-view" that still keeps the feel of a side-scroller.

The second part of the game was re-worked to have a better flow and be a challenging adventure, but keeping the feel of the world from his original counterpart.

Before Crisis Remake

Hey, I just downloaded the game and so far my character just keeps running to the right. is there a fix for this? also, why am I limited to just shotgun female as a playable character?

I don't have idea why this is happening. Maybe something with your keyboard? And it's just shotgun because giving the option of choosing different characters would actually take too much time, re-working the dialogue, gameplay, play-testing, and fixing different stats for every choice.

Similar Mountains

Thank you. I'm glad that you liked it.

Before Crisis Remake

Hey so I'm having trouble going through the area where Shotgun has that body double because I just don't understand how you kill the body double that was made out of materia???? Can you explain that to me because every single time I try to get through it I die and it's very frustrating to deal with.

That's kind of a real-time battle, not a turn-based battle. You need to get the clone in front of Shotgun, in any direction, and press Z to use your gun.
But the clone gives you damage if it touches you, so you need to dodge it.

Before Crisis Remake

kinda confused by the combat. Are there no healing items?

The combat system is very simplified, and you can buy healing itens between some missions.

Thanks a lot for this! I never got the chance to actually play Before Crisis. Now, I can finally finish the FF7 saga

Hope you like it :-)

Before Crisis Remake


Well I was excited at first when I first saw this, but I did a....

Yeah, i understand your point.
Every episode was made to be the most faithful in pacing and story to the original game. The game may seems linear, but the original is like that, almost like a visual novel in some parts.
It's not perfect, but it is a bigger game than i thought it would be when i started, so i'm proud of having finished it.

Before Crisis Remake

Seems like i forgot to upload the new package with the fixes, i apologize for whoever downloaded the misleading old package.

Before Crisis Remake

Yeah, it covers the whole main story, beginning to end.
24 Chapters and the epilogues.
There's 3 special episodes, i think, but these are side-stories, not relevant to the main story, so those were not included here.