Celestial Legacy

great game, well developed, logged in 70 hours! Hammer Knife is funny. I decided to take out God Slime before facing Mantorok. that might have been a mistake, because i ended one hitting the final boss. but i like being able to one hit final bosses! :P

Shin Megami Tensei: The Reborn World - MV Version

I am stuck in the game. I have reached Clan House 3 pt2 (per the guide.rtf found in the www folder) and just finished the “Ruin Artifact Hunt” mission in the marshlands. I try to talk to Connor for the second mission (the one inside a hospital according to the guide) but all he says is “stop screwing around.” I have tried talking to NPCs around Nago and that little town in the east (forgot what it is called) but nothing seems to be pushing the story along. I notice in the guide that the hospital mission comes before the marshland mission, was I supposed to do the hospital mission first? Any advice on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated.

Standard Disney Fare

Hi there

You have to interact with the wall in front of the switch, Gary will then fire an arrow at it. That one across the river will be of use later in the game. Hope this helps.

Thanks, i was trying to click on the button instead of the wall. guess i should've been clicking around the area a little more.

Standard Disney Fare

I have been playing this gaming for a couple of hours now. I seem to be stuck inside the prison. i defeated a boss in the room with the glowing tiles and proceeded until i got to a river with some kind of button on the other side. i could not find any way to cross the river or activate that button so i backtracked and went into the valley. at the end of the valley i found another button but i cant reach it either. i am clueless as to what i am supposed to do. if you have any advise i would greatly appreciate it.

thank you
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