it really sucks.
I wanted to post my games there, cuz i thought people could just play ur games instead of ownloadin em, like on addictinggames. :(


There is no! It is gone now and it said it would be out this summer! Darnit! I wanted to go there so bad! :(
>:( i'm mad at them for saying something that's really not real!

Any way they are going to bring it back? Or is it now at a different site?

TRAIN ACTOR or ABS Script for rmxp! RPG XP!

yeah like on pokemon blue rescue team.

Game Titles

I suck at titles for my games. I usually just make up some weird name as i did with Intrakazana. Then i just make the game about what the title says it is. Star, is because a star falls from the sky. FableQuest, is a mixture of AdventureQuest and DragonFable, the famous BattleOn games. My up-coming Swings movie, is from me and my friends on the swings at school. Or, that is what it originaly was. It will prbably be about me andmy friends just doing stuff. One of my books is called The Brothers, mainly because it is about 3 brothers. So, i just think of the names first pretty much.

Here's a name for a game that I would like to see made:

High School Memories

For anyone that knows or has been in high school, i would like to see that game made.

Despain Said:
For some games, if it has the right feel to it, I like to go with the naming-the-game-after-the-main-hero approach. I have an old classic project simply called Jay, and another about an eccentric DJ called The Adventures of DJ Erg.

You used of in that game!

Feedback for new site genre of games

Hey, I am amking one of those!
It's called Swings. It hasn't been put onto here yet, though. I think it should be called Movie. That is the simplest way to put it, and it's only one word!

I hope I will be use to RM one day...

Can you have in game cutscenes?

wow that'd be nice. Then it would seriously make all my games better. I know you can do that in Game Maker 7.0.

TRAIN ACTOR or ABS Script for rmxp! RPG XP!

alright then can i just have ABS where you can take turns like in PoKeMon Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team.
Like where you have turns in the game, not getting into actuall battles.
Thanks again. Every time i try to get the caterpilliar script i don't know where to put it. Where do I put it and what should its name be?

War's Remorse

wow. this game looks really nice and I can't wait to play it. my friend patrick will like it to he likes army games.

TRAIN ACTOR or ABS Script for rmxp! RPG XP!

oh yeah caterpillar script. the guy that made TalesofAria said it was the TRAIN ACTOR so yeah.
The ABS, i want it to be how you can automaticaly fight a dude instead of getting into a whole battle.

Dude you rock thanks i cant believe how nice you are man.

THANK YOU! Thank you so much man!

Army Guys!

hey dude, just send me an email at dude!
email it to me!