The Two Stones

This game looks really good

Taret Blade

Wow this game looks... nice!

Legend of Zelda: Eternity Seal

Ah, you're so cool man. Thanks for giving me SOME credits!


Wow, this game looks awesome. I waiting for the full version to come out so that i can play the whole thing!

you wanna know what?

Yeah, but have you even downloaded it yet? It's a great game! And grod used to work with us, and he wanted us to put it on! You should really download it man. 33 MB including a guide. And we made some changes to it but kept some stuff the same for grods sake.


Well, for some people the G word is God, but that is only like, mormons and christians.

Problem when trying to have someone type in a name

Yeah but when i used that it didn't work either and i want it for free i dont wanna pay 60 bucks just to get letters to show up!

Dude! Can you just tell me how to do it?

you wanna know what?

Yeah i posted his game anyways.

[updated!] new rmxp charsets

Well, on my Army Guys! Forum in the Artistic Liscense, you can find the link there, or just search it on google!

36 Days Left - The Countdown to Brawl

Yeah that will be awesome! And if not a E, at least an E10. What if it was rated M?