I have been working on Fiery for four years now off and on. I hope you all enjoy it.



SilverSnakes Lets Play

Sorry everyone been really busy at work and will probably be busy until around Friday.

Clareain_Christopher - As for side quests it really depends on my mood while I am playing. Depends how your side quest is set up. Is it easy to see if I am playing. Did I do another side quest that gave me little reward so I do not want to do the next one. It really depends. I play the game how I would any other game with comments. Only thing I do differently is if I see an error or think I can break the game in some way. Other then that I am just trying to play and have fun. If I'm not having fun I'm usually thinking to myself please let this game end soon lol.

Emirpoen's Let's Video thread (presently open to requests)

Closing up the shop for good?

SilverSnakes Lets Play

Wait for a spot in que to be open. 1 Spot might be opening tomorrow.
Tina of the stars has yet to msg me back with a new download so I can play her game with out the rtp. Tonight I'm going to finish my Fiery walkthrough. Then tomm night if she has not uploaded new file I will take her off the list.

Emirpoen's Let's Video thread (presently open to requests)

Thanks a lot. can't wait.

SilverSnakes Lets Play

Your game looks interesting SnowOwl.
Spot is open I will add you to que.

SilverSnakes Lets Play

I will be starting on Infection today.


I'm confused at what part you are on. You sure your playing my game?
Anyways if you are at the start of my game you can find a Walkthrough at this link.

Aura's Lets Try Stream: SInce this is the name of them now....*REQUESTS OPEN*

I'd like to request my game please.

I have no problem getting on skype with you to talk about it and such. Sounds like a good idea to me.

SilverSnakes Lets Play

No problem but I got 2 in front of you. Going to start the first one right now actually. So hopefully it is done by the time we get to you. If not I'll just push you down the que list.

Deckiller where did you get the name of your game from?

SilverSnakes Lets Play

My Que is full Deckiller. If you follow my youtube channel you will know when I finish an Lp and then can request your game to go in the que.