I have been working on Fiery for four years now off and on. I hope you all enjoy it.



Unity Plays Your Game!

How do we watch your vids I don't see a link anywhere?

Let's Play VX/VX Ace Demos

Ok good suggestions from both of u. I'll have to try and figure out how to turn the game volume down. I'm also using a new mike then when I used to have a headset and you gotta be really close to it when you talk which is new for me.

Ok think I fixed the sound problem. I''' try to get a vid for your game tonight Red_Nova

Let's Play VX/VX Ace Demos

Alright Sensusal Popcorn got u on the list :)

Let's Play VX/VX Ace Demos

Rave I need more info buddy. Do you have a page up so I can read about the game?

Unity Plays Your Game!

Can you hit up my game Fiery when you get the chance. Thanks so much!

Let's Play VX/VX Ace Demos

Ok got ya next Red_Nova

Let's Play VX/VX Ace Demos

Alright sounds good.
I will download it and get started :)

Let's Play VX/VX Ace Demos

I need some VX/VX Ace demos to play. Only interested in these 2 platforms since this is what I am using for my own game. Let me know if your interested in me playing your demo.


I will be dedicating a whole new channel for my new Lps.

In Progress: Soul Sunder

Que: 1.The Sky Of Time

1.Luxaren Allure

Fiery Review

Really loved the review. Thanks for taking the time to do this. It is really well done. I will take into account all the comments you have written. The game is still moving along. Even have plans for the sequel already written out.

New Music Added

Demo work in progress.
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