Hi, I'm Blue. I like pixel art, drawing, voice acting, and messing with game design, despite knowing very little about coding. Maybe someday I'll release something.

Hope we get along!


[RMMV] (Yanfly) How to stop action sequence from pausing when actor takes damage?

Is there a way to stop an action sequence from pausing briefly when an actor takes damage?

For a bit of context, I'm working on an action sequence that makes the target actor shake if they take damage from a regular attack. It animates properly when the effect plays out on the enemy, but when it plays out on an actor, the sequence pauses to show the damage number + pose first, and then the shake motion plays. I'd like to get rid of the pause while the damage pops up.

(Sample clip)

Here's my action sequence code:

<target action>
move target: backward, 50, 10
face target: forward
action effect
IF target.result().evaded || target.result().missed
motion evade: target
wait: 10
wait : 1
motion damage: target
wait : 10
move target: forward, 100, 10
face target: forward
motion damage: target
wait : 10
move target: backward, 75, 10
face target: forward
motion damage: target
wait : 10
move target: forward, 50, 10
face target: forward
motion damage: target
wait : 10
move target: backward, 25, 10
face target: forward
motion damage: target
wait : 10
</target action>

Are there any plugins out there that prevent the battle flow from pausing when damage (or motions in general) play out?

[RMVX ACE] Change sprite based on location in current sprite sheet.

'Evening all!

I have a question regarding sprite changes. (Not the simple change actor graphic/face commands)

I came across a composite character script which allows the game to assemble custom characters using different graphic layers for body, hair, eyes, armor, etc. The downside to this script is that actor faces and char sprites can't be changed using the regular change actor graphic/face commands.

I was wondering if there's a way to change the actor's sprites by specifying a location within the respective sprite sheet. (ie show an angry facial expression by swapping the actor's face to the second sprite in the first row of the current face sheet, or making the character sprite change poses by swapping to the 4th charset in the second row of the current character sprite sheet, etc).

Sorry if this explanation is a little unclear, as I'm not sure how else to describe it, but any help is appreciated!

XP - Static parallax script?

So I've been experimenting with the H-Mode7 script, but one problem I'm having is the parallax background moving. I'm not exactly a scripter. I was looking around for a while for any parallax locking scripts for XP, but the only ones I can find are for VX and VXAce. I've also checked the list of XP scripts on this site, and can't find one there either. Does anyone know of a parallax locking script for XP, or if they could write one if possible? All help is appreciated.

Converting to and Using RPG Maker VX

So, I've been using RPG maker 2003 for years now. It had the style and DBS that I just loved (I'm a sucker for the GBA final fantasies o3o). I noticed the recent topic "The end of Rm2k3?" and realized just how outdated the program is. I figured I'd get a bit more up to date and purchase rmxv (60$ seems more reasonable for something I'm going to use casually as opposed to 90$. I'm an extremely frugal person >_>) In the end it seems more beneficial graphically and I'll have more flexibility altering the battle system. I've been looking into the pros and cons of the maker and I found out that you're limited to a single set of tiles for your whole project, and there's a limit as to how many tiles/autotiles you can import to the maker. Doing a little more research, I came across SwapXT which allows you to implement a tile swapping feature that swaps out tiles to specific maps when you enter them and as well as passability settings for different tiles. Is this a good alternative as opposed to purchasing VXace or XP or even just sticking with 2k3 'till the bitter end, in order to eliminate the tileset limits?

I'm also curious to know how "noob friendly" the rgss is. The project I have in mind uses a few custom menus as well as the third layout type of rm2k3's DBS (Face icons at the bottom with the HP, MP and TP bars stacked on top of each other beside the face.) along with visible and animated battlechars. Also, would scripting battle system layouts and UI affect how attacks and enemies are set up?

All help is appreciated :)

Thumbs down for .hack//GU?

I recently rediscovered the first console game I've ever purchased and noticed that quite a few people didn't like the .hack//GU games in comparison to the four original .hack// games that took place in The World R:1. Some stuff I saw pop up were criticisms like unoriginal and unimaginative characters as well as a bad storyline.

I might have some bias here because I bought GU before infection, but when I played infection, I really preferred GU more. I think my only dislikes for GU were that there were essentially only two field types, and then all that changed between them were time of day and weather. It got boring. Also, I liked how in infection, battles were fully open. But the flow of battle was really smooth in GU, whereas in infection and the other games, you had to cycle through menus for skills and first aid. Also, any battle in GU was escapable. Dungeon crawling became a real pain when you were trapped in rooms that only unlocked when all portals were open.

Stories in both games were great in my opinion, but in Infection, I felt I lacked a real sense of direction. On several occasions, I hit snags because I had no idea what I was supposed to do.

I'm wondering, why is .hack//GU seen as a "middle finger" to the .hack// series?

Futuristic chipsets for rm2k3

I'm trying to find some futuristic chipsets/tilesets for rm2k3 that have a sort of "clean" feel to them...if that makes sense. Like, no gritty walls or textures or anything. Hopefully chipsets that fit in with Treasure of the Rudras chipsets and possibly Mac&blue chipsets.

I basically want to take pieces from them and scrap together chipsets. Does anyone know of any in particular? Or any other sources where I may find them?

Make Tutorial plz

"Make tutorial plz"

It really bugs me when I see a message of the sort pop up on a screenshot or topic or youtube video of...nearly anything really, games inclusive.

As an example, I came across a youtube video showing off some different systems and artwork in an rm2k3 game. Somewhere near the top, I see a comment that goes along the lines of "omg amazing, plz make a tutorial!"

Now normally, if the person was seriously asking for instruction, and actually followed up on the commenter's/OP's recommendations, and actually took some initiative, then there isn't really a problem. What bugs me is when someone asks for tutorials and basically expect to be spoon fed everything, and that's only IF they ever show up on the page again. I see comments asking for tutorials, and the commenter posts once, then never returns. I've seen others just not bother with it when the OP recommends finding the different instructional pages through a search engine or even if the tutorial isn't in a video format, and they actually have to read through a document.

It could just be me, but to be honest, I don't understand the lack of motivation to actually LOOK for information and tutorials yourself. You have search engines and the world wide web at your disposal, and despite the abundance of information, you don't bother using any of it and just ask someone else to get it for you.

Perhaps I'm being a bit oversensitive. What are your opinions on the topic?

Changing your screen name?

I haven't gone on RMN in ages. Now that I look at my account, I don't really like the name I signed up with. Is there any way I can change it with my account as-is, or do I have to register a new one?
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