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Whats the worst thing you ever saw in high school?

Funny that.
What I meant by that (more alluded), was why would it be funny that it could be you? That would be awful :(.

lol I understood you. No it wasn't funny btw

Naming Conventions - Characters, Spells, and More

Character names: and
Behind the name is pretty sick too.

Out of the names I pick what sounds decent.

For spells and techniques, I take a few different approaches. Like, for a fire-slashing attack, I'll use something like Steel Inferno. For something like a quick 1-turn buff that kills the character afterward I'll make up something like, Final Moment. Btw, if you couldn't tell, those were completely random and just flew out of my brain. So I don't really have a hardcore method!

I don't really like doing spell tiers. A bit redundant if you ask me.

Gotta love it. :P


Whats the worst thing you ever saw in high school?

Funny that.


Whats the worst thing you ever saw in high school?

Worst thing I've seen....I guess it was seeing this one kid get beaten to dust. It was so bad that he had to switch schools. His face was covered in blood. Funny thing is that it could have been ME.

How do you like your world map?

I like big freakin maps. Kinda like FFXII. Really heightens the "adventure" aspect for me. But I think the way the Pokemon/Zelda maps are done is just amazing. You're actually traversing through the whole world, as opposed to just going to the places that are muy importante.

Battle Party Size

stoodyhoo: Fuck true ally stuff. I'm talking about whether or not you've thought through how you're going to manage extra equipment, synergy, battle roles? Are there only going to be six characters, or more overall at once? How are you going to balance all of them effectively? Are you really going to sell this as a "crazy idea?" Having more than three-four characters greatly increases the workload of the player if it works like the average RPG, and also for the developer.

...but what do I know. I just have an ego and a loud mouth!

6 Main characters that are playable. Thazzit.

Yes, there are defined roles for each character. Synergy is actually the thing I'm thinking about the most. I'm still working on the balancing, but I'll definitely make sure each character brings something to the table without making anyone obsolete. If I can't achieve that then I probably will scratch the idea.

As for it being a "crazy idea", that's not exactly what I meant. More like a "potentially bad idea". I don't plan for it being a selling point for my game at all...

By the way, 60 ego's are better than one big ego

Battle Party Size

stoodyhoo: If you are just throwing this in as an "oh it might be cool because featurez r kewl" then: fuck you

No, lol.

I've actually had a conversation about this before. My reasoning is that a member of the party shouldn't just be sitting back while his allies are trying to bring down the enemy. Personally, that makes me feel as if they aren't a part of the team. More psychological than anything. Here's a quote from one of the people I've talked to about this before:

"When a character joins the party, he/she shouldn't feel like a burden, but rather a true ally."

To be honest... I don't think having 6 characters in a regular FF-like battle is a good idea. It's just too much information. You'd have to use lots of enemies, or very strong enemies. That would make battles take longer, and it's really not fun. I'd recommend it if you're using a different battle style, or a tactical battle system.

I think if I proportioned it correctly, I could make battles about the same length as a 4-man party. I'm using the default battle system of VX if that helps. In the end I might just go FFX style though.


Is that the Suikoden game you were talking about?

Battle Party Size

Make sure you have enough elements to where a boss can pull a single elemental magic attack and have a 32% chance of putting everyone critical.(I'm assuming you'll have more than six characters.)

I'm totally confused at this comment.

I'm skeptical about this because, needless to say, you'd have to create a Custom Battle System. And I'm very skeptical about CBS attempts.

It would be the same as your typical RPG, just with 2 extra members. Simple script actually.

Battle Party Size

EDIT: Nvm, just look at my original post.

Battle Party Size

There's another thread for this discussion and still on the front page.

That one is a little different. It's about how many characters should be in the party. This topic is specifically about the amount of playable characters present in a battle.