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Battle Party Size

Okay, I'm about to run a crazy ideas by you guys. I have a total of 6 playable characters in my game, and I plan to make all them playable in battle. That's right, it's a party of six!

So, who likes the idea? And who thinks I'm an idiot? Please, post your opinions on this.

EDIT: This is what I'm talking about pretty much: instead of entering 4 commands for 4 people in battle, you enter 6 for 6 people.

Being innovative with RPG Maker

Being innovative with RPG Maker

Haha oxymorons

So, I got "Pokemon: SoulSilver"

Ahhh, remakes of probably the most revolutionary series in Pokemon...nostalgia is sweet. Gonna get them ASAP so I can ragestomp Kanto again

New Project with RM2K/2K3?

VX doesn't have an ATB default battle system where the battlers are on one side and the enemies are on the other just like in FF6, you would actually have to program it all in or mess with some scripts.

That's the thing, you can just get some scripts to do so.

I'd actually rather play 2k's DBS than 2k3's DBS. I've seen some nice things done with both though.

@Max- LOL


Impossible Video games

LOL, I remember maximum carnage. Think I used game genie to beat that. Sega had quite a few over-the-top difficult games.

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Welcome Suga, enjoy your stay!

New Project with RM2K/2K3?

Personally I don't see any reason to use the old systems. Anything they can do the newer ones can do the same,or even better.

RM2K is similar to VX and is easily trumped by it. RM2k3's DBS sucks balls and XP or VX can manage a decent side-view system with scripts.

I don't discriminate though; I play whatever seems decent. Just don't understand the purpose for using the older rpg makers anymore. Someone enlighten me.

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Sorry, deuces. I liked your Avatar.

Impossible Video games

Ymir or w/e totally kicked my ass when I first played FF6 as a kid. FULL ASSAULT GO *holds A*

Lol I failed so hard at that boss until I decided to analyze the hints. Then came along Vargas and my inability to do blitz commands correctly....

Impossible Video games

OMFG Contra for the genesis.Without codes that game kicked my ASS regularly.

Also some X-men game for the genesis. I think I can beat that one now though.