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Intentionally Bad Games.

Intentionally bad games? Nah. Who wants to play a bad game? Games like the ones you stated are cool for a minute then they just get whack.

Games that point out cliches and mock other games while still being good? Yezzir. Even then that shouldn't be the main focus.

Greetings from Mars

LOL, is RRR really that terrible?

this came from mars too are you of any relation

Yea, that's my father's grandaddy's cousin. Pretty cool guy, or so they told me.

Welcome to RMN! Post lots!

Without a doubt!

Greetings from Mars

Yep, that's how I heard about this site- from RRR users.

Greetings from Mars

Really? I don't think it's a bad site at all. Though I can concede that this site seems more serious in respect to RPG making.

Greetings from Mars

Normally I hang around in RPG Revolution

Eh, did I offend?

Greetings from Mars

Hello there, I am stoodyhoo! Normally I hang around in RPG Revolution, but from what I'm seeing, this site is a bit more active. So I've decided to juggle between the two. Hoping I'll enjoy my stay here!
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