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What are you thinking about? (game development edition)

The Fire Emblem series on GBA is so awesome for creating custom facesets :)

cause of diminished interest in game creation

For me, it;s not really a lack of encouragement or anything, it's more of me wanting to do something else. I have a general disdain for writing, and getting the story done is always a chore for me. Preferably, I'd rather work on database type stuff; I find it much more entertaining. Or I just play my New Vegas.

End result, nothing ever gets written.

Equipment Vs. Leveling

Well, both need to be balanced together, or characters will quickly lose their defining characteristics.

Agreed, but I believe that your example is easily avoidable.

I haven't looked at this stuff in Neo Lescia for a long time, but the way things are, Leveling only boosts your HP and MP.

This is generally what I'm leaning towards myself, although leveling will slightly raise other statistics (such as ATK, DEF, etc...), but equipment will be the main increase for those statistics.

Equipment Vs. Leveling

Specifically, which method do you prefer to use in order to bolster the strength of your character('s)?

A few pro's and cons of both:

Equipment Pros
- Encourages exploration
- Easier to "fix" battles
- Less grind required

Equipment Cons
- Player has to rely on finding new equipment to get stronger
- Less grind required (for those who like to see their characters get stronger after battles)

Leveling Pros
- Lets the player get stronger when they choose/need to
- Gives more incentive to battle

Leveling Cons
- May cause over-leveling, making the game easier than developer intended
- Somewhat diminishes the value of equipment

That's just to get started. Discuss.

Do you prefer "strong" or "sissy" protagonists?

I really 'prefer' tougher antagonists. I don't mean DUKE NUKEM FUCK YEAH LOOK AT MY BICEPS tough, but main characters that maintain control over their situation, maintain control of themselves, and generally handle their fucking business. They don't even have to LOOK manly; i.e., Zidane of FFIX is a good example of the above. I dislike heroes that look AND act like girls, though.


I'm not overly picky appearance wise, although I do prefer an average looking character (as in, not scrawny or juiced up).

Mentally though, I need my main character to be strong. He/She/It is allowed to have some weakness, but I don't like it very much when their weaknesses take control over them at every waking moment. Personally one of my favorite main characters is Spike from Cowboy Bebop. Generally just handles his shit.

Engagment Announcement!

First, get a pole. Then change that 1500 to singles. Then give them the money...slowly.

Tell Craze: Why is your RPG Fun?

Um...I'm just gonna chip in with this. Why I find my games fun may not be universal.

The most powerful phone in history leaked ...

My cheap nokia for the win. I don't need an Iphone to overcompensate for less-desired attributes

Naming Conventions - Characters, Spells, and More

cOOL names are freakin cool. THat is all. Don't come up with that average Bill or Bobby for a character name. Names that have meaning are nice. Like, Nolan which means champion! And forgive for this incoherent ass post because I'm kinda wasted

SOBER EDIT: Not as bad as I thought.

post your picture

LOL at last pic kentona's baby

Here I am, trying to look fresh:

And here's me trying to look professional:

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