Advice to get started again?

I used to be VERY active in the rm community and was forced to give up all my projects because of military and personal commitments, neither of those things are an obstacle for me anymore and I am VERY interested in finally finishing a project. I spent the better part of a decade with rm2k/3 but haven't touched any of the programs in about 3-4 years so I am a bit behind.

I have experimented with each of the new makers and they seem intensely alien to me. Out of the 3 new makers (xp,vx,ace) which one is most worth my time learning? My current idea is to make a game set in the Dark Sun universe (DND), it would be heavily inspired by Dark Sun Shattered Lands for dos from the early 90's, so some sort of turn based battle system that actually takes place on the current area you are already standing.

It's my understanding that vx and ace have a superior scripting system but they aren't as unlocked in terms of graphical usage. I don't want to spend all my time learning an engine if its gonna be obsolete in a few years. Guess I just don't know where to start.

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