New official EasyRPG Player release

I'm actually pretty excited about this project and think it has great potential! I am most interested in the ability to play my games on an android.

Starless Umbra

DHM! I have always kept tabs on this game, even when I wasn't active in the rpg maker circuit anymore. I remember when you used to help me out on IM with my event processing problems :-P I am so happy to see that you still actively work on this game! I've cleared my schedule for tonight so I can sit and play this :D

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

Right now I am working on two things.

1. Familiarizing myself with rpg maker xp, I want to finish my game Red Skies which has seen about 4 rebirths and been in planning for like 12 years. It's actually possible for me to finally finish something with this engine. I got discouraged with rm2k3 because my abs was consuming all the time I wanted to put into the map and game play. But on xp, I am using Blizz ABS, which does all that nasty work for me. :D

2. Working with the unity engine. Me and a few guys from my minecraft server all decided to make a game in unity, and the engine looks very promising so far.

Jay's Journey

Nackster: If you played a version that had the party follow system, what you played was the finished game (unless you somehow got on my computer when I wasn't looking and played it while I was in the middle of making it!) This is updated, but it's still the same game and ends in the same place. Most of the updates involved an extra hint of where to go next when unclear, bug fixes, or better spacing of the dialogue.

And there are some traps that give you an instant Game Over if you visit places you shouldn't be at the present time - you won't see them if you don't cheat! - inspired by someone who made a big deal of the alleged poorly-coded triggers when he debug-walked to where he THOUGHT the next destination was, missing the normally-unavoidable plot events that happened on the way. ;)

Oh, yeah, and I gave one character a new ability to help make the character a little more useful. He's one of the optional characters, so I won't say who it is.

Well in all honesty I never finished the game so it's a treat for me anyways. :D

Advice to get started again?

I settled on XP and am loving it so far. I really only have one other question, what games have come out in the last 3 years or so that are a MUST PLAY? I've been trying out a few, but haven't found any gems yet.

DragonVale Review

I'm not sure if this is what the reviewer meant, but-- Imagine the cause of a river. If it is too straight it looks manmade; at that point it may as well be a canal and not just a river. But if the river alters it's course slightly every 3 tiles or so it looks natural. It was the pressure of the water finding it's own way... Of course it's not a rule set in stone but a general principle.

I don't know applies to interiors though, those are manmade and by this definition not 'natural'. xP

This was indeed what I meant. If you are walking next to a forest outline and it goes straight for like 35 tiles, that just looks horrible.

DragonVale Review

The author needs to remember the rule of 3 (any pattern lasting longer than 3 tiles looks unnatural)
hahah say whaaa?

Do people not use this rule anymore? This was a big thing a few years ago. I might be a bit behind with the times.

Jay's Journey

FUCK YES! This was one of my favorite rm games when I first found rm2k back in like 02. And I tore apart your code for hours trying to emulate your party follow system. I am very happy to see you finally finish this! Will be downloading for sure.

Advice to get started again?

Woah! I didn't think that many people had played the game, I would probably make it loosely based on the original and not necessarily a remake. I don't believe in remaking classics, especially ones that shaped my childhood so much. I'm currently thinking of making it based on a single story line of one half-giant gladiator and his Thri-Kreen companion who also were gladiators in the arena. At this point I've more or less decided to use XP.

Advice to get started again?

My recommendation is: figure out what kind of features you want in your game, find scripts that give you access those features, and use whichever maker those scripts are for. Though VX and Ace have "better scripting," unless you're doing all the scripting yourself you probably don't care about theoretical scripting possibilities as much as you care about the existance of the actual scripts you need. Some scripts have only been written for VX, and some have only been written for XP.

If you really are the kind of person who can and will do all the scripting yourself, then I'd guess that the only reason you really even need an RPG Maker program at all is to help you build the graphics. In that case I'd recommend XP, which has vastly superior mapping.

If the thought of scripts makes you cringe, you should probably try out VX Ace. They basically took VX, and added on a couple dozen of the most popular scripts as core features, so that you can use those features easily in Ace without messing with any scripts.

I hate the idea of scripting my own stuff, though I believe myself capable of it having used a ruby front end to toy with modding api previously. Ideally I would probably want to use the program that would be easiest for someone who is used to using the scripting functions in rm2k3. (I used to make custom menus and was even working on an abs before I had to quit). One thing I am NOT fond of in all the new engines is how lifeless the maps look. In 2k3 it seemed like the maps were so much more vibrant and detailed. Sorry if that sounds like bitching, its not meant to be. I guess I would be less indecisive about which engine to use if they weren't so costly. (I am a broke sad man, 60 bucks is a lot of money :-P) I'll take a look at existing scripts. Most of my ideas call for an abs, so that's gonna be important.

EDIT: Oh wow! I just saw that xp is only 30 dollars! Pending investigation of scripts we might have a winner!
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