An overview of the blogposts on RMN over the last week.

  • Shinan
  • 03/06/2011 05:51 PM
So a lot of crazy stuff happened last week. This article is mostly dedicated to that crazy stuff that happened. In fact most of the article is all crazy stuff that happened. Enjoy! (blog posts run from Monday 28.2 to Sunday 6.3)

It's the end of the world as we know it
"Six pints of bitter. And quickly, please because the world's about to end." - Ford Prefect

Lance VII moves his game Chrono Trigger: Prelude to a Dream to the Chrono Compendium. (no link provided)

Nessiah quits most communities in the Anagram blog as well as in the Night of Marian blog

Ben_Random isn't sure where to put Pac Ralph when the site goes down but is certain he will come up with something.

TDS posts a goodbye with an assortment of screenshots from his game.

TFT moves Rainbow NIghtmare: Libra to Meridian Dance (link provided)

Miracle shares a hearfelt goodbye (and later rescinds it)

Oathguard also jumps over to Meridian Dance.

The RMN Chaingame wonders what to do without half of it's name!

Wolfcoder creates an IRC-channel and looks into possibilities for hosting RPG Maker 20XX Engine elsewhere.

In the competition for pun master NicoB wins with his Forever's End blogpost where he reminisces about the project.

Rolandknight posts a thoughtful comment: "That suck big time." in the The Last Goddess: Tears of the Lost blog.

sbester reassures his games will be easy to find once they're done.

The New Disciples: The Movie has trouble finding someplace to be, since apparently no one wants to have anything to do with such blasphemous projects.

J-Man's Phantasia 5 migrates to its own blog.

Fallen-Griever pimps his Gamejolt Sore Losers: Riot Grrrl page.

The loved project Breath of Fire II: The Fated Child (XP) isn't going anywhere, staying on the ship while it sinks.

Yeaster says welp.

Radnen posts screenshots and ensures that everyone will hear about the project when it is released and becomes a soaring success.

Ultima187 quickly takes back what he's saying about how the ship is sinking.

Wait a minute! The world's not going to end after all!
Pladough had a long rant written but then the world didn't end and he finished up with this

The Crisis when it comes to the RPG Maker 20XX Engine but just to be certain WolfCoder will upkeep a project mirror in the future.

Eikie rambles on quite a bit about Notes on the Second Mellynd War in relief that the world didn't end (and on other far more intersting things of course. This is a proper readable blog post people).

After being relieved that the site wasn't closing down JayEsz666 sits down to do some actual work on his game Saga of Eternity.

Actual proper readable blog posts

It almost goes without saying that the RPG Maker 20xx Engine blog has a bunch of updates this week (including a new release).

And in the blogs we've watched lately there's also some art posted on the Visions & Voices: Revision blog.

Leo and Leah (that also is the featured game this month) now has a TVTropes page!.

A project that I personally find fairly interesting is Dragon Warrior Tactics which has had some updates including an interesting write-up about the challenges of actually doing any work.

A remake of Love and war: Act 1 is in the works and Admiral Styles has all the details.

Enker answers the age-old question of "Why rm2k?" on his Shadow's Reach blog.

SorceressKyrsty thinks that maybe she will some day continue to work on Darkseed: Revival and has a look into the past while at it.

Dark Gaia announces his departure from RPG Making completely. Choosing instead to focus on other things.

New Projects
Scourge introduces himself and welcomes all people interested in his first project A New World

newdisciples wants to share the good news about The New Disciples: The Movie, building on top of the success of the earlier... TV-series? (it has seasons at least)

New Releases
Astral Transparency: Cole's Gate Demo v1.1
Mystery Man Zero New Demo Release
Dragon Fantasy: Origins Demo
Project Questing Chapter 1

This week I know I missed out on quality blogs. Partly because of the end of RMN (and for some reason I just wanted to include every single blog that mentioned that) but partly because upon skimming blogs I sometimes find blogs that are completely dedicated to certain minute aspects of the games they are about. Personally I'm often not interested in what skillsets a character will have or what the stats are and I've sort of had the philosophy that those interested in those specific things probably already are subscribing to the game in question.

On the other hand although I'm not interested in stat roundups I'm pretty sure there are people who are very interested in that. And through some detail in the game they might actually become excited about a game in question.

But the bottom line is that I cut out some blogs that I probably would have posted had this been a normal week because of the massive end of the world showdown and if you feel I missed out on something especially noteworthy please post it in the comments of this article and I might even add it in.

I've also noticed that this list-format gets pretty damn stale (especially writing it) but on the other hand writing it in lists makes me less prone to insane bias in my comments about stuff (although some bias slip in every now and again, especially this week!). If anyone has any feedback as to how I could improve the layout of this. Maybe I should have quotes from blogs in and maybe an image or two instead of large bolded headers.

Well what the hell this outro part (that no one will read anyway) is already longer than the rest of the article so I'll stop now. Any and all feedback is always appreciated.


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That's odd, Shinan. ^^ My favorite part of the game has always been skills and stat growth~
RMN needs it's own "like" button.
A project that I personally find fairly interesting.


ps. I'm glad that I was listed in proper blogs and not the apocalypse part. In your face chicken littles!
Lance VII moves his game Chrono Trigger: Prelude to a Dream to the Chrono Compendium. (no link provided)

'moves' is the wrong link
Lance VII moves his game Chrono Trigger: Prelude to a Dream to the Chrono Compendium. (no link provided)
'moves' is the wrong link

Thanks, fixed.

That's odd, Shinan. ^^ My favorite part of the game has always been skills and stat growth~

Well playing it it certainly is. But I don't know how much general interest there is in reading about how "my game will have this defense formula, compare this to game x which had this difference but inferior defense formula"

But I also tihnk there probably is some sort of interest in that. I'm having an idea I might try out in next week's blog roundup.
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