Game Gale has been extended until 12:00 AM GMT on May 17th, 2010!

Game Gale is a Spring Game Making contest, the goal of which is to make a game in just over two weeks! The games will be commented and scored by a panel of judges. A simple theme will be announced when the contest begins to ensure equal development time for all parties involved. Although this is a competition, the main goal is just to have fun making games!

Escape (from prison, an alien spaceship, your boring job, a bad relationship, whatever)

The Rules

-The contest with begin at May 1st, 12:00 AM GMT and end at 12:00 AM GMT on May 16th. All entries should be made entirely in this time frame.
-A Theme will be announced that all games must adhere to in some form. The theme could be anything form a setting to an abstract concept.
-You must have permission to use all art, music, materials, etc. And no, Square-Enix, Nintendo, etc did not give you permission to use their graphics. When it is made does not matter as long as you have the rights to it. Judges will favor original content over rips.
-The game must run on Windows XP or higher, the judges should not require any additional components to play your entry.
-Games should contain a text file containing instructions on how to play your game, as well as properly documenting any resources you used!
-Games started before the start time are frowned upon.
-Entries must be submitted before the deadline to be accepted.
-Extensions will be granted only in truly exceptional circumstances. If extensions are given they will apply to all participants.
-Your game can be made in any engine and can be of any genre, not just an RPG.
-Although this is a competition, you are expected to show proper sportsmanlike conduct to your competitors. Trash talking and the like will be frowned upon.
- Most important rule Have fun!

First Place:
Second Place:
Astral Conjunction
Third Place:
Castle Chase




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Teams Members Entry
Losers: Vengeance
Team Everguard
No Girls Club
Apple Pie
Team Dragonfly
Sorceress Studios
The Dugeoneers
Team Retro Hobo
Team #astralmasters
Slash n' Fern
Team Procrastinator
Super Duper Kewl Kids (Kid)
WeaselEliot's Team
Orpheus' Song
Team Babbytime
Team VidWiz
Team Nackster
Suppa Demon Squad
Gibco. Productions
Four Hearts♥
Team Alice
Pixel Reincarnation X
Back of the Class
Las Chicas
The Finland Swedish National Socialists (F.S.N.S)
Team Crowbar
Team Shoddy Collision Detection
The Manly Table
Team Name
The Burning
Team Neurotic Forklift Operators
Spur of the moment
club bear
Team Gaia
Singing Deerheads


woah neat. i am being destroyed with exams in early may but i'm gonna try to throw up something short!
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
I am going to have to give this thought.
I'll have to take a two-week pause with the rest of my life.
I'd sign up, but there's no button or anything to do so, was it intended there be one?
Circumstance penalty for being the bard.
That will be added soon! (I hope!)
having a theme is still stunted and balls
having a theme is still stunted and balls
Well, if you find it too restrictive for your game that you're making, you can always just not participate in the event and then submit the game to RMN anyway.
Anaryu is signing up. I have no hope of winning.
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
My studio finals will be almost completely finished by the time this begins. I'm in.
Anaryu is signing up. I have no hope of winning.
It'll be a race for second place!
Anaryu is signing up. I have no hope of winning.
It'll be a race for second place!
I have a long history of coming second in everything so this would suit me fine. =P
>.> <.<

I think I'll give this a shot...I have to get my hand in game-making at some point, rather than game-playing...
I might give this a shot as well. With something else to do, It'll make it easier on me to take a break from making tons of faces for my tons of characters.
Anaryu is signing up. I have no hope of winning.
It'll be a race for second place!

Your on Kentona!
Ill see what i can throw together in two weeks. I probly won't work on it non-stop though. I'll try, best of luck to everybody.
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
I may try something once i know the theme- but Right now I'm trying ot get up the nerve & resources to put together a demo...