It's that time of the year again~ Halloween month! Yay! Now, usually we tend to have a fairly open game making event where everyone just makes a game that may or may not have to do with horror, but this time around I figure let's go hardcore into that goodnight.

It's time to create a frightening time~

This event is all about creating a horror game!

What is a Horror Game?
By definition horror as a genre tends to follow the Survival Horror trope - drop your hero into the middle of something terrifying and horrific and force them to try and survive. There may or may not be allusions to various myths, legends and classic horror tropes, and a lot of the time there's different endings (even though most are split into good/bad/death/death/death ones).

A good horror game leaves the player guessing when the next scare is coming, gives hints as to what the scare is and what should not be interacted with, but also allows for not showing the horror too closely. They use sound direction, music and atmosphere over cheap dark-screen tactics and can leave you worried about whether you should check that table or not.

Some games don't include gore. Some do. Some horror games focus more on story or characters, whilst others drop you down as a nameless, faceless person striving to fight against the mysteries of the dark (think Slenderman). Either way, they're often quite short games in comparison to normal ones, and quite a few have a lot of replay value.

Event Rules
In this event you will be creating a horror game, using some of the provided choices below.

You must pick ONE (or more) of the list below to be in your game:
- Fading Dreams
- Bloody Smile
- Twisted Memories
- Mysterious Present
- Broken Future
- Hopeless Tomorrow
- Forgotten Past

You must also include at least TWO (or more, if you wish) of the following:
- A red balloon
- Empty picture frames
- Broken glasses
- Demonic Possession
- Cloves of garlic
- An iron sword
- An old music box
- Golden key/s
- A cursed cellphone
- An eyeless teddy bear
- Blood-stained wedding dress
- A poisoned cup

Submission Rules
The submission rules are as follows:
- Full game or demo is fine. Demos should be over 10 minutes long, though.
- You may start on October 1st!
- Time ends Midnight of the 30th of October. Games must be submitted to this event page by then! Please plan ahead by having game pages created by that point. (To make sure you see the right time on the page in your time zone, go to account settings and change your hour offset to fit your area. This will change site time to be your timezone and the dates in the top-right corner of the event page will reflect this.)
- Games should be stand-alone and not require extra additions (like downloading RTP files or the like).
- Games should follow the event rules.
- You may use a team if you wish, but it's not necessary.
- Any engine allowed.
- Games MUST abide by site rules.

Those who managed to submit a full game or demo at the end of the event will get a participation badge.

Games will be judged by a group of judges who will decide the top three games. Those top three games will get a badge each, from 1st place to 3rd place.


Does it have to be a straight horror game? Does it have to be scary?
Well, the main idea is to make it a bit scary, but there are games out there that blend cute and scary quite well, so if you can do something like that I see no reason you can't make a blended horror. It doesn't have to be straight horror genre, either. It's fine to make a mix of genres, just make sure that horror is the main one.

Third Place

Cara by Edus1998

Second Place

Xenos by markofthewind28

First Place

A Ghost's Lullaby by Lucy_Fox

Honourable Mentions (in no particular order)
_ (underscore) - Best Use of Sound and Demon
Halloweeb - Best Use of Animu
Polixiuhs - Best Facade of Normality
A Night at Hotel Deuce - Best Quick Time Events Against Creepy-Ass Sprites o.O;
Red Balloon of Happiness - Best Frogge is Not Actually a Girl BTW
Super Girl Squad - Best Dungeons and Dragons Rip-Off ;p
Mom - Best Game that Didn't Make it in Time

Background art by Mezamero of deviantart


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  • 10/31/2016 04:00 AM
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Teams Members Entry
The Ghost of Christmas Kloe
Team Scary
this'll be my first horror game... best game on here!
Team Scream
it's been halloween since july 5th
Wanna see real horror? Check out my gam mak!
A Ghost's Lullaby - The one that isn't scary at all
Team Name
OzzyChanz & MioTheOne
blathnat the impaler
Team Jumpscares Sucks
Monster Mash!
Made a Horror game in less than 4 days.
The scary thing is how much other stuff I SHOULD be doing.
Hey guys I've been here for five minutes what's going on
Somewhere or Bust!
Sure, why not
cesber the friendly ghost
Donald Wins the Presidency
team spoopy
Team get notifications
Probably Halloween Game
Do nothing or die trying
Because Survival Horror can still be RPGs!
TwoD Studios
Teem Zeebree, it's a demo.
Team Vengeful Sols
The doll maker
Totally not making a game
Punkk makes a Surreal Horror Game!
The Music box
NoBody´s MagiK
aHH Project
Should be working in main game but
forest overlay == instant win
Rainbows and Unicorns
Get spooped, plebs
Bats in the Belfry
No game, no team, only candy corn
I might try this
Sup Bro
I like working under pressure, haha! -faints-
10 days to try beat SnowOwl :(
Hossi Games
Mummy help me project
ManiacMax's Team


I'm on it!
Let's try our best! Horror 4 Life.
Ahhhhhh! I wanna be apart of this, but I do not have a team....
I have a wonderful idea for a horror game though!!
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
You don't need a team, you can make something alone ^^ (Unless you mean that you do not know how to make games in which case, ignore what i just said :P)
You don't need a team, you can make something alone ^^ (Unless you mean that you do not know how to make games in which case, ignore what i just said :P)

I mean I sorta get the jest of game making, I just don't know how to sprite ._.;;
I've never made a horror game before but screw it, I have to participate in a Halloween event because I hecking love Halloween
The TM is for Totally Magical.
Welp, if anyone skilled in eventing is interested, I'd love to do a team game.

Still, I'm perfectly happy putting something together myself.
I've been MIA for months, so I might as well try.
Neither Jeroen nor I have ever done anything with horror before, but here goes nothing!
If you're new to the horror genre here are some inspirational spooky images that'll help you get a real scare out of your audience!

I feel bored. How odd.
Oh, I just found out this was a thing.

Welp, I'd join, but I'm useless, and don't have much time currently.

However, if anyone would, for some stupid reason, want me on a team, I'd be willing to, depending on who it is.

Of course, that shows how selfish and picky I am, making me a less suitable person. Combined with my uselessness and lack of time, I'm guaranteed to not be picked by anyone.

Either way, have fun everyone.
Stand back. Artist at work. I paint with enthusiasm if not with talent.
Damn i might have a hard time doing this on my own after all.
I hope i can manage to finish at least a demo.

Do we still get the participation badge even if we suck at scaring people?
Yes, don't worry.
A liiiiittle late but let the games begin! >:D
I lost my arms in a tragic chibi accident
Yay! I can do this! Kloe ACTIVATE!
A reminder: You have to start the game TODAY. Any pre-existing games will not count!
I have a short game idea and can program it but I lack the artistic skills to make it look good. Is there any artist looking for a team?
I lost my arms in a tragic chibi accident
A reminder: You have to start the game TODAY. Any pre-existing games will not count!
No problem, I started using RM2k3 to make this, it's pretty fun! :D


I scared you! Haha!
The game doesn't have to be legal does it. So I can use loads of pop music in my horror game. (Lady Gaga soundtrack here we go)
Nah, resource choices are up to you. Just... put a note somewhere so LPers know whether it has copyright music or not (we should make that a thing. The amount of times I've been hit on hour long videos just because one game had one song that was copyrighted... >.<; )
You have to start the game TODAY.

Is it ok if we start tomorrow or later? ;-)