What're We Cooking?

A full game cooked up in two weeks (and a weekend)! The cookoff begins on February 1st and wraps up on February 17th where all games must be submitted before the end of the day. Check the event page (and your account's timezone) to see when the event ends in your local time.

The Kitchen Suite

The tool of choice is RPG Maker VX Ace Lite! It is the free but feature limited version of RPG Maker VX Ace. The restrictions of Ace Lite are as follows:

Maximum Database Entries
  • 10 Actors
  • 10 Classes
  • 126 Skills
  • 16 Items
  • 60 Weapons
  • 60 Armors
  • 30 Enemies
  • 30 Troops
  • 25 States
  • 110 Animations
  • 4 Tilesets
  • 10 Common events
  • 100 Switches
  • 100 Variables
  • There are no other database restrictions

Map & Event Limitations
  • 20 Maps
  • 10 Events per map
  • Call Common Event is disabled

Script Limitations
  • The script editor is disabled.
  • The 'Script' event command is disabled. Other script commands in Assign Variable, Condition Branch, and Move Event are still enabled.

These are strictly implementation restrictions that you are free to work around. Need more than sixteen items? Make your key items weapons nobody can equip! Want more than ten playable characters? Perhaps when one leaves the party you could overwrite its name and stats with your new character! Twenty five troops too limiting? Make a troop that adds random enemies via battle events!

Please note: While it is possible to add your own scripts to a game through devious means the spirit of the Ace Lite restriction rules in this contest. Injecting scripts is not allowed beyond using the enabled script calls for their intended purposes. Of course changing the database caps through other means is also right out. Any game found violating these restrictions will be disqualified.

You can download RPG Maker VX Ace Lite here.

If you want to see what you can do under such restrictions Deckiller has made a game in Ace Lite called Kolmesarta. Feel free to check it out!

Your Ingredients!

Everything in the kitchen is allowed! There is no theme to the cook off besides obeying the restrictions of Ace Lite. There are no resource limitations for this contest as Ace Lite does not restrict what you can import into your game. Whip out the spice rack! Prepare the vegetables! Go hog wild! It's a free for all!

Nobody wants a half baked morsel though. The only requirement beyond using RPG Maker VX Ace Lite is that the game must be complete. Only finished games are wanted here!

For the Tastiest of Them All

We've got four judges reuniting to sample the delicacies of all participants: The RTP Princess Liberty, The Amazing Artist Nessiah, the Makerscore Master Deckiller, and the Ludicrously Lazy GreatRedSpirit! Their number one game will received a boxed copy of RPG Maker VX Ace generously donated by Liberty! The lead developer of the winning game will be contacted by Liberty to make shipping arrangements.

That isn't the only prize though! After submissions are closed there will also be a two week voting phase for all members of RMN to vote for their favorite game! Voting will be open from February 18th to March 11th. The winner will receive their choice of any item excluding RPG Maker VX Ace from the store courtesy of RPGMakerWeb!

There is always the achievement badge for participating too! One of a kind will not be made available again! Submit to that completionist tingle and take part!

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Blue Coral Games
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In Depths of Pain
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CERN - Common Events Research Network
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Doggie Dayz
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Dark Horse
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Small Dwemer Lever
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Day Ja Voo
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Alchemy: A Bit Overused? NEVER!
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Echo Dragon
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The Heartfelt
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I lost a whole week D:
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Mekalist Productions
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No Stars Over Bethlehem
cant game make today too busy
Dude with a Machine Gun
Why Not
In Depths of Power
Might as well.
Cooking With Kung-Fu Panda
M.S. Prima Vista
My name... is... NEO!
Just making the list look bigger
Little Busters!
Order, Resolution and Industry.
Trying For Fun
White Petal
The Liquorice Wall Spikes
A Hill Reborn Games
S.K.Y. Art and Design
Thank God I can't script anyway
I'm here to win whats rightfully mine.
The Best at Failing
Needs More Slime
Aerial Interactive
Team JonRPG
Our Legend
Winter's Call
indiebond's Team
24 Hour Frenzy!


I'm a dog pirate
Here is the sample game made with VX Ace Lite:

It's about 3/4 complete.
So, SO IN. *drags Fomar with her*
Can I eval noteboxes e.g. from a custom damage formula or a set variable?
Sure as long as the source of the eval (skills, set variables, etc.) is related to the code being executed. Using a notebox to store a damage formula is fine as long as the notebox is being eval'd in a skill but bypassing database caps via script calls and data injection is out or add features that aren't even in native Ace.

Due to how hilariously easy it is to abuse eval the rule is vague. Don't do something drastic with it is the rule of thumb and anything closer to the line can be asked and clarified.

e: taff it all forgot to fix the css for alternating posts
Thanks with that I've got permission to do half of what I want.
Last bit I can work around it, but can I modify the contents of say $data_skills as long as I don't increase the over-all number of skills?
As skills and other database entries are generally immutable without scripts in RPG Maker I'll say No across the board for all database entries. If you want to change an actor's parameters use the event commands!
OOoooo, this time I can participate! I'm so, so happy! *-*-*-*
While I don't think I'll participate in this, I do wish everyone the best of luck! :D
Question: I'd like to try out some of the games that are made for this event but I have the full version of VX Ace, not VX Ace Lite. Can VX Ace play games made on Lite or do I have to get Lite to play them?
Most games don't really require you have the engine installed to play them as long as you have the RTP files (in case someone forgets to add them in their download). In other words, should be fine as long as you have the VXAce RTP installed.
Having EXTREME troube installing NET.Framework 2.0.
I mean, I have a windows XP
Am I not supposed only to be able to install x32 programs? @_@
Try running it as Administrator and if that doesn't work, right mouse click and choose to change it's compatibility. I'm not exactly sure what the issue would be though.
*phew* seems to be installing now. Thanks!
RPG Maker VX Ace Lite does not use any sort of RTP, all Ace Lite games have the resources to play them contained in the game folder so they are self contained games with no requirements besides having a computer with Windows p.much.
if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year
If you're not using the RTP characters, make sure you remember to change things like vehicle settings or you'll get missing resources errors, even if you're not actually using vehicles.

... I just realized that I never use vehicles.
...I don't quite think that many people use vehicles, really. Especially nowdays. =Y

EDIT: Are we allowed to post progress screenshots? ;~;
I'm starting to code the dorky CBS ;A;
Ace has all the graphics it needs to start. It isn't the full RTP but there won't be any "Can't find Graphics/whatever/x" when you use it (until you start changing that stuff of course!)

Posting progress or screens is fine in moderation. Don't forget to make a game profile and link to it too!
Ok! I'll do it when there're more stuff done then, thanks! Also...
...You guys forgot to mention another feature that's cut off in Lite ver. =/
You can't formally call common events. The call common event command is disabled. x_x
You can only use them through parallel process / autostart. D=
Dang it. x^x
Well, whatever, gotta code it the hard, bugfilled way then e^e
It's gonna work all the same. ...I hope.
if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year


wow guys dat css i don't even have 'big' in there
I'm joining! 'Goodbye Mister Anderson' for the win D: