At the start of December we will be holding the RMNlypics! This is an event where you are arranged into four randomised teams and take part in different events over the course of the event. After it ends, judging of each event takes place and winners are announced!

It is pretty simple. Each person who signs up to this page will be randomly assigned a team. At the start a list of events will be placed. You will pick what you want to take part in and do those events over the course of the week. At the end, send in your pieces to Liberty via PM and they will be judged and given points based on their quality. The team with the most points will win and each person on that team will gain a first prize badge.

- You may not start until 00:01 GMT on Saturday the 2nd of December.
- You must send in your entries via PM to Liberty before 23:59 on Sunday the 10th of December.
- Each person in a team may add 1 (one) entry for each event only, unless otherwise stated under the event rules.
- All events are optional. Do not pressure your team mates into doing things they can't or don't want to do - some people have more time than others, after all.
- If you have any questions, just post them here.
- Signing up will end at midnight on the 3rd of December!
- You may use 2k or Tsuk!


Make a silly face
Create a zany face using this face generator. Send in the single face that you want to show.

Mascot Face Edit
Take the RTP faceset of your mascot and edit it. It can be silly, serious, weird or interesting.

Mascot Sprite Edit
Take the RTP sprite of your mascot and edit it. It can be silly, serious, weird or interesting.

Resource edit
Try and create the best resource edit. Must be able to tell what default resource it came from (2k RTP!). Can be image, music or other.

Sound Creation
Make a sound effect! It can be silly, funny, serious or the like.

Music Creation - 8-bit
Make a piece of music! It can be silly, funny, serious or the like. Must be 8-bit!

Music Creation
Make a piece of music! It can be silly, funny, serious or the like.

Create a resource
Make a resource from scratch.

Make an RTP Map
Using the RTP create a 20x15 map. Best one wins! (Send in a screenshot of the map in-game.)

Make a non-RTP Map
It can use custom graphics or rips or anything but the default graphics! 20x15 in size. (Send in a screenshot of the map in-game.)

Pixel Map!
Create a 100x100 map and use the RTP tiles as your palette to create a pixel image! Then put it together to create an image and resize it to 100x100 pixels.

Create a minigame using eventing. (Minigame just be playable. Send in the project file.)

Boss Battle
Create a fun boss battle. (Send in the project file. Boss must be playable.)

Item Creation
Design a cool item! (Send a screenshot of the database entry.)

Armour Creation
Design a cool armour! (Send a screenshot of the database entry.)

Weapon Creation
Design a cool weapon! (Send a screenshot of the database entry.)

Hero Skillset
Create an interesting skillset for your Team Mascot! (Make that person character 1 in the database and have all their skills learned/set up for them. If there's battle events, name that battle MASCOT BATTLE.)

Funny Cutscene
Make a funny cutscene in under an hour! (The amount of time to create, not how long the scene must be. Send in project.)

Best Cutscene
Make the best cutscene in under an hour! (The amount of time to create, not how long the scene must be. Send in project.)

Sound scene
Create a cutscene to convey a conversation between at least two characters, without using any dialogue. Sounds should feature heavily. (Send in project.)

Title Image
Create a neat title image for a randomly generated title (titles found here: ). (Send in image.)

CMS Creation
Use old fashioned eventing to create some kind of custom Menu System. (Either still image, gif, video or project.)

Team Cheer!
This is a team event where you create a rhyming cheer for your team! Only one per team can be added and the whole team (if possible) should take part in its creation!

Team Quote
This is a team event where you create a quote for your team using the letters of your team mascot like an acrostic (example Mary - Mental And Racy, Yo!)

I recommend starting a new project and keeping all entries in that one folder. Name them clearly and include a list with the different entries you've included inside the project folder. This is to help cut down on large file downloads.

If, however, you haven't taken part in any of the events that require being played (such as battle creation or scenes) then just a folder with your entries clearly marked and a list will do instead.

Zip up and PM to Liberty before the time runs out on the 10th. If you forgot something and there's still time, you can PM the missing entry to me.

Judging will be done after all the entries have been received. Each entry will gain 1 point for their respective team, if they do not place as first, second or third.

First place entries will gain 7 points for their team.
Second place entries will gain 5 points for their team.
Third place entries will gain 3 points for their team.

There will be one winner per placing for each event, and at the end of the judging the points will be tallied. Teams will then be awarded badges and MS based apon how their overall team placed - from 1st to 4th.

If you have any questions, ask here.

Alex the Passionate Hero: Let's beat these events in to submission and take home the gold!

Brian the Patient Paladin: It will be effortless to overcome our foes and come out on top.

Carol the Obstinate Witch: ZAP! BOOM! MAGIC WILL WIN THE DAY!

Daisy the Determined Priestess: Y-You can join m-my team if you l-like.


  • 12/02/2017 12:00 AM
  • 12/10/2017 11:59 PM


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Sign me up coach! I'm ready to fall on my sword for the glory of the Emperor!
The TM is for TimTam Marauder
You said we may not start up until the 2nd of November. I'm sure you meant December.
Hopefully being on a team means the team I get put on will actually try to kick my butt into gear to work on this.
If you have a team preference, post it. There's no guarantee that you'll get your team choice, but I might consider it into the equation, so why not?

The teams are:
Alex the hero
Brian the paladin
Carol the witch
Daisy the priestess

Try to even the numbers out a bit (not everyone jumping on Alex, for example).
Friendly rivalries are encouraged!

The TM is for TimTam Marauder
My preference is Carol, because witches are awesome.
Witches are cool but I'd prefer to be on team Daisy.

the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
Witches are bitches.
The TM is for TimTam Marauder
Witches are bitches.

And there's just no consideration for the possibility that there may actually be a few that are or will be in the thread?
I love Carol. I wouldn't mind being on her team. Or Daisy's.
Team Brian! I'm up for an easy ride.
I finally changed my avatar, but that doesn't mean I have a meaningful user title.

RPG Maker 2000.
That's an odd choice.

Guardian Angel of the Description Thread
Just because the activities of this event are based on RPG Maker 2000, that does not mean that that's the only allowed engine. Probably? I mean, if I could use Ace for this, I probably would. Though, using TsuK/TsuK3 might be exceptions.
I would have more makerscore If I did things.
I'd prefer the Daisy team.
Gotta support your supporter!
and the annihilator of unholy abominations!
purity or absolution
I own 2k3 but not 2k :/ not worth $24 for me, although I'll sign up anyway and see what events I can do. Surely if it's like "map something in 2k" that's pretty much the exact same as 2k3? It'd just be battles or CMS fuckery (because of 2k picture limitations) that'd be the issue. OOOOOrrrrrrr we could just open it up to 2k3 too......

While we're on the subject of 2k though, everybody should go play The Sword and the Fish. It rivals Helen's Mysterious Castle as the best 2k game ever made.

also i'd love team natealex but if it's random it's random, not gonna be heartbroken
I'd like team alex
For the record, 2k is currently on sale in steam for $5 - if anyone wants to pick up a cheap copy for themselves!

That said, Tsuk should be fine to use this time around, and there's a lot of overlap with 2k3 so most things could be created with it, too (the battles not-so-much unless you use the front-view stuff, and we'd count the new additions to the engine as no-nos but otherwise it shares pretty much most of the same stuff with a few changes here and there). That said, mapping not so much since the RTP for 2k and 2k3 are visually different to each other even if they share a fair bit of design overlap.

@Nessy - of course you would XD

@Craze - I am shocked, sir, SHOCKED that you didn't dive in for Carol! I thought she was one of your faves. Alas, Alex is superior hero but still!

Funnily enough, technically we're going backwards chronologically - since 2k was released officially after both ace and 2k3! This means the actual English timeline of RM releases goes XP, VX, Ace, 2k3, 2k, MV! XD

(We'll likely have 2k3 be it's own thing at some point because the different heroes are the mascots and ain't no-one gonna pick Zack over Alex. Psssh!)
RM2K happens to be DRM-free so I could just share my version with my buds. That is. The team I get assigned to.
The TM is for TimTam Marauder
Actually, 2k3 would probably be fine since basically anything in 2k can be ported straight over to it, and it's easier to use than 2k.
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