So it's come to this.

Also, Canada is phasing out the penny.

As you might recall, two years ago our plum deal for hosting finally fell through and we've been paying for hosting ever since. It runs us $150/month USD to host RMN (as you can imagine, this site is pretty data intensive). I do get some ad revenue of course, but that doesn't cover the whole bill, so naturally we rely on donations to sustain ourselves. Over time - and this is to be expected - people cancel their recurring donations, or do one time donation for the fund. Sadly, our server fund is drying up.



We currently have enough funds to cover until June.

If you like RMN and the services it provides, please consider making a donation.

We have a PayPal business account (paypal@rpgmaker.net) specifically for rpgmaker.net, separate from our personal accounts. Any donation sent to this account will be used to support rpgmaker.net operational expenses. Future or reoccurring donations will be used to support the monthly operational costs of the server. Any excess (if any) funds will simply be applied to the next month's bill.

"Nice rack!"

"But what do I get out of this?"
  • The satisfaction of helping keep rpgmaker.net alive for all users
  • An achievement for helping to save rpgmaker.net (1000 makerscore!)
  • Expanded locker space
  • Ability to edit custom user titles
  • Google ads will be removed from view
  • Permanent discount at the RMN Store for Affiliate program items (coming soon!)
  • A date with kentona*
  • Other (open to suggestions)

It's all about the Benjamins (or Sir Robert Bordens in Canada)

The last donation drive was off the chain, yo. It be that time again, thoughizzle. Drop yo skrill because RMN needs to drop some benjamins on dis crib.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! Please consider making a donation.

(If you do donate, let me know so that I can give you the satisfactionachievement and other features.)

The donation bar!

as of May 21st, 2013

We have funds to cover us for June's bill, so now we're saving up for the July 15th bill. (We are billed mid-month).
Wow you guys are awesome!
Wow we also have enough recurring donations to cover a month's bill!
Wow we exceeded our lofty goals!

*you are responsible for covering all costs for this date, including travel, tickets, chocolate and flowers. I am partial to hazelnut chocolates.
I'd donate for more achievements and do you have a webcam for any dates?
Ability to edit custom user titles

I see what you did there. :D
If only I had a Paypal, I would so give you my money. I would give you, like, 5 dollars. Times ten. le sigh :(
If only I could legally have a Paypal... Hmph... Fascists...

E: Seriously, this makes me sad. Don't die RMN! I don't even have a gamepage on you yet! :'(
Is there a possibility to see a bar to see if we reached the goal to keep RMN running for that month? It'd be really appreciated.
I'm a dog pirate
I just donated a few dollars.

Every dollar counts!

(It would've been more, but I have an imminent car inspection.)
Ok subscribed, just to check this means I get a date every month?
I'd donate for more achievements and do you have a webcam for any dates?

I do in fact have a webcam. It's not hooked up at the moment though. (I've never been on an online date before!)

Is there a possibility to see a bar to see if we reached the goal to keep RMN running for that month? It'd be really appreciated.
You mean something built into the site? Or just me updating an image in this thread?
Anything goes honestly! Just something that would give us an idea that RMN will be safe to stay online sort of thing.

Although it'd be nice if it was built in the site so I would know when I can donate and not <_<;
Never stopped my recurring donations, so I hope my 1x Lincoln per month is helping out.
Every dollar counts!

But does every bitcoin count?
Every dollar counts!
But does every bitcoin count?

No idea. D:
Bitcoin, buttcoin, litecoin, feathercoin, coincoins, RonPaulInternetFunBux, and other digital currencies are not accepted. Please convert them into a worthless fiat currently such a USD before donating any to RMN!
Yellow Magic
Could I BE any more Chandler Bing from Friends (TM)?
Wow, my student loan picked a good week to arrive in my bank account. Hang tight, RMN!
RMN: Now endangering post-secondary education aspirations of it's members!
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
I don't have enough money to pay my own rent, much less yours, but in exchange I promise not to download any games for the next month, thus saving you bandwidth!
But we pay a flat rate per month! Might as well use it! Download all the games!
doesn't live here anymore
I have to replace my timing belt next month, but I went ahead and threw in 20bux anyway. You guys are worth it!
I pay this small tithe so I may continue to blather ceaselessly in the chat room

Guardian of the Description Thread
Whoa. I was seriously just thinking about buying some resources through the vendor affiliate program too.