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Yo my submission has been pending forever what's up bros
I must have missed the deny button last time checking. You should get a notice for it now. Sorry about that!

I figured as much. I'm not really sure how to go about this; I copied and pasted my content directly from my itch.io profile.

For this particular project, it's difficult because it's not really a story heavy, narrative game; it's abstract, surreal horror, and the very nature of it would mean a lot of what would normally go into 2 paragraphs is either a spoiler or indescribable. It would be like requiring two paragraphs of plot detail on a game like Intelligent Qube or Myst, you know? It's more of an experiential game than a narrative driven thing.

Like what do I say about it, you know? Either way I resubmitted with a couple more scraps of info.
Hi, what's up?

My game submission is on "pending" status for 10 days now. Will it still take a long time for the game to be approved? I'd like to finally see it public.

Thanks in advance. :)
Guardian of the Description Thread
Under normal circumstances, a game submission can be on the queue for about a week. Of course, extenuating circumstances can arise, and the moderator in charge of looking over game submissions (Liberty) can take longer.

In this case, I believe Liberty has been having a number of issues with her internet of late? I don't know the details, it's just a thing I saw on the Discord channel.

My personal rule of thumb is if a game submission is on the queue for two weeks, then it might be time to consider PMing Liberty. Explain that it's been two weeks since the submission, be understanding that life can get in the way of things, then ask (courteously!) if there needs to be more things (or other things) for the gamepage to be acceptable.
Ok, Marrend, thanks for the info. :)