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3 New Guests+Update

  • XBuster
  • 09/27/2018 06:14 PM
Yo, I'm back with some updates regarding the project as well as 3 new guests. The number of updates will be brief as I'd like to keep some things secret for now. Without further ado, let's dig into this!

  • Cut scenes being implemented

  • New world(s) in development

  • Final dungeon concept in development

  • Next round of guests in development

New Guests
As for guests, we have 3 special ones here today. They have been in development and finished for quite some time, but due to the fact that the year is nearly wrapping up and there are many guest slots left, they needed to be revealed a bit more rapidly. With that said, starting off we have...

Game of origin: Mr.Goemon
Console: Arcade

Goemon is the protagonist of the Mystical Ninja series(aka Ganbare Goemon). He uses a golden smoking pipe as his primary weapon and is able to toss money as a projectile. Unlike other characters in this game, he attacks in an arc; which gives him the ability to hit enemies above and in front of him.

Game of origin: Milon's Secret Castle
Console: NES

Milon is a young boy who is on a mission to restore music to his hometown. To do so, he must find the instruments that have been stolen by the evil wizard; Amon. He uses bubbles as his primary weapon.

Mega Man
Game of origin: Mega Man
Console: NES

Does Mega Man really need an introduction? The Blue Bomber himself is now a guest! This time however, he uses a format similar to Mega Man 11. You are able to shoot his infamous "lemons", charge shot through guarding opponents, slide, and call rush with a press of the skill button to give you a vertical boost. Mega Man doesn't have a double jump, but he makes up for it with his mobility options and power scale.

However, I recently found out someone on deviant art has the Wily Wars format of his Rush Form. So, if they say yes to my request, I'll most likely allow them to combine.

The game is reaching it's semi-final stages and these are the absolute hardest. I never thought the last 20% or so could feel like more than what it actually is. With that said, that is all I have for now. Until next time!