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Double Bond+Updates

  • XBuster
  • 11/20/2018 10:12 PM
Hi all! I'm back with a set of updates; some of which have either been on my mind for a long time, and others that allow for more control over the game and its mechanics.
Without further ado, here are a handful of updates I'll share at the time.

Updates that have finally been implemented

  • Ability to equip two bonds at once

  • New running command toggle

  • Ability to control certain character's power-up skills

New Updates

  • Realms are now known as Dream Gates

  • Over 90 Dream Gates created

  • Over 120 treasure chests made and placed

  • 2 new monsters

  • New special effects

  • Asha's special has been reverted, but updated

  • 2 new gimmicks added

  • All base game areas are nearly done

  • 7 new guests in the works

  • New area:Inferno Island

  • Tower of Silence Mini dungeon

  • New chest item:Magic Drink

So now that the list is finished, I'd like to go into detail on some of them; starting with the Bond System.

The Story Behind Double Bonds

A while back, you had the ability to equip only one bond at a time. Now you are able to equip two at a time! There are two primary reasons why this happened. A user a while ago commented that they would like the ability to equip more than one bond at once. Since then, I've been thinking long and hard about how it will be done and how to code it, but the method of how to do it didn't hit me then.

During the process, I was thinking of the exact definition of what a bond is and how it could play a role in the game. The thought of the new system came from the image of joining hands. Hands joining together can mean many things depending on who you are holding hands with. For some, it is a significant other, for others it is a friend or family member. Sometimes, they can even be complete strangers. When two or more hands join, it is a sign of fellowship; when separate hearts become one either temporarily, or for eternity.

So, with two bonds, you(the player) are joining imaginary hands with two characters in the game and equip the abilities they pass on to you as long as they are in your heart.

Complete Running Control

Up to this point, the running mechanic has been something that was fixed. You could both double tap and hold the attack/skill buttons to trigger running. But, what about players who would like to separate them and are used to different running controls? Well, the solution was to simply separate them. The option "Run Command" is now available with 5 running types! The 6th one however, is put into a Talisman.

One of the main issues I was having was with Mega Man. I didn't particularly like it when he would run every time I shot a lemon out. So i just put the running style on Double Tap so his natural run and gun movement would work like it's supposed to, but I could double tap to run.

The running options now are...

  • Double Tap

  • Hold Attack

  • Hold Skill

  • Hold(Both)

  • All

  • Always:Must be equipped with the Sonic Talisman

More Ability Control

I was thinking for a while about how to gain more control over every character. Last time, I gave Shantae the ability charge her magic and store it. The next example of this is Popful Mail. For those who are aware, last time, her more powerful boomerang variant was released at random when tossed. Now you are able to charge it up and toss it. Not only does it go twice the distance and is twice the size, but it also does twice the damage.

Most Past Material Being Left Behind

Since this game is for the most part a continuation of Monster World IV, a small selection of important areas were replicated to have some continuity. But, you won't be able to explore them fully. If you want to do so, then the original game is always available for you to dig into in order to explore the original worlds and dungeons.

The main game that was the inspiration for this was Tales of Symphonia 2:Dawn of the New World. Areas were still there from the original, but they were for the most part unable to be explored. The idea behind this is there is no reason to make the same game twice. Often times it would branch off into a new dungeon around or inside the area of the original one.

Two examples of this is the Tower of Silence and Handera Volcano. One has been locked up, while the other's insides are flooded with Lava due to the recent eruption and is is impossible to go inside anymore.

New Guests In The Works

One of the most fun parts of creating this game is implementing cherry-picked heroes from both popular and obscure series. Over time, I've gotten some stories of people playing certain characters' games they've never heard of and enjoying them. I'm more than happy that this is introducing those to them and I only hope that it will continue :). With that said, there are 7 new guests being planned and/or developed right now.

That is all I have for now. Until next time!