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There is something strange going on at the old temple in the remote village of Salidar. You are the Mysterious Wanderer - a warrior chosen from destiny to face the evil within. Your fate is tied intimately with what lies at its depths. Will you bring salvation to the forlorn hopefuls of Salidar? Or will you unleash destruction, whether by design or disaster? It is in your hands....

Hellion is best described as a cross between Dragon Warrior, Diablo and D&D - you have a blank slate character with 7 classes to choose from at the beginning of the game. You adventure solo. You can hire hirelings. The monster drops are random. The graphics are NES. The battles backgrounds are black. There are traps. There are locks to be picked and NPCs to be persuaded.

..:: FEATURES ::..
- Dragon Warrior NES-style theme
- Several outside of battle skills, including lockpicking, hiding, running, pickpocketing and persuading.
- A simple Alignment tracking system
- Random monster drops and chest contents
- On-map traps and monsters
- Unique Skill trees for the 7 character classes
- Fatigue-based Running System

Latest Blog

Hellion: Rad Sunglasses mappack

Here is the mappack for Hellion with the XTREME LFX content! Download the rar file and unzip the contents of the rar file and copy it into the Hellion folder, overwriting what's there. Let me know if it doesn't work.

Thanks to:
AznChipmunk for the cool looking level.
geodude for rad sunglasses and map idea
GreatRedSpirit for the darkness code and image.
kentona for putting it all together and making another rocking arrow tile puzzle (booyah)
hyadain for his awesome DQ3 remix

To access the Rad Sunglasses map go to the pool in the lower right section of Salidar and inspect the waterfall. There is an inscription that you need to decipher and the way to Rad Sunglasses castle will be unlocked.

DOWNLOAD: http://rpgmaker.net/games/146/downloads/1605/
(when it's approved) "Your submission, Hellion Rad Sunglasses Mappack, was accepted and is now available."


the aspect scaling is fine,

Uhh... Sorry, but you said the pixels were stretched and blurred? XD

It's completely normal for a 320x240 game to do that at 3:4 ratio.
the pixels will maintain their size in windowed mode. aspect scaling does maintain the aspect ratio, but the pixels will be stretched to meet the length of the monitor screen.
Been playing it for a while now.

I like the D&D skills and actually implementing them in my project. I hope you don't mind me taking a few pointers here and there.

However, the deciphering for scrolls and bag is a bit tedious imo. I can understand the bag/chest and it doesn't really bug me, but phew, buying 99 high level scrolls for 50 gold and deciphering all of them sure takes a while! (99 message boxes saying "deciphered high end scroll" over and over again). Perhaps you can cut this down if you ever make another one like this?

I am going to try generica next, but it doesn't have OOBS......

Also, I can't say I really like the Old school graphics. Sure they grew on me later, but well..... but then again, this is nitpicking, I guess you just like to use them.
only 90s kids will like this admin
Did you use the hotkey to open the chests or decipher the scrolls? I think I made them the 4 and 5 key. It speeds up the process a lot.

As for the oldschool graphics - they are really easy to work with. I'm not sure why I used them for Hellion (other than I wanted to try something different) but they were intentional for Generica, as it is a retro NES styled game in both game design and graphics.
That's what I did, but pressing to decipher still takes quite a while to be honest. Then again, I am not too sure if you can speed it up with just one message box (instead of 99, one by one) - I haven't even looked at the coding. Also kinda strange that you can get a lot of scrolls like this with just 50Gold (high level).

Also, you probably won't need/care about this (I mean, the game is already completed and working as of now) but there is a small bug in Zaldach's tower. The right enemy's (just after you enter the gate) forage switch is messed up with the left's

Basically you use the wrong forage switch so as long as you don't kill the left enemy, the forage chest for the right one will remain intact (get as many as you want).

It would also be nice if you can but better weapons in the store, cause I want to save those chests for the latter part of the game (where the loots gets better!). Oh well, I am nitpicking too much here, sorry.

BTW, why do I get "cross-site forgery error" often when searching the game database?? (if not logged in)
only 90s kids will like this admin
Search RMN? I have no idea - you'll have to ask WIP.

I could have sped up the deciphering and opening of chests, and I thought I did make scrolls more expensive (I must have missed that). The selling of scrolls was a last minute adding based on feedback from the beta testers and I didn't test it as thoroughly as I should have.

Thanks for playing! I hope you are enjoying it.
Yeah, it's a pretty fun game (Great work!)

I submitted a review and I did list a few things that can be fixed. But those are pretty minor.
Thank you Kentona. Because this was awesome.
Kentona : Why can't I attack 3 times with Fightx3 skill? Somehow the skill does not work or did I miss out something to activate it? (like in Hero's realm/Generica?)
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The skill might not be working properly. I'll have to check it out.
Seems that when a Warlock (enemy met in the desert) uses Dispel, the whole party is "bedragoned"... 0_o
Oops...wrong game, I meant in Generica...
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Yeah, hehehe, I saw that when I started work on Generica: TNG. What happens is instead of dispelling all status conditions, it ADDS all the status conditions! Oops.
*click to edit*
Playing this right now as a Cleric (dungeon level 4). I should've chosen a Thief... :(
Let's say that you are playing hard mode, while Thief is the easy mode...
*click to edit*
Yeah, I have a team of two clerics, an animagus and a bard. Those guys couldn't fight their way out of a wet paper bag, but they have awesome staying power. At times it feels like single-class challenge for FF5 with 4 White Mages. Or, gasp, FF1 White Mages D: Battles take forever, but are rather easy; with MP Regen rings on everyone I don't even have to return to town...
great work i love dragon quest type games
only 90s kids will like this admin
Wow this reached 1000 downloads! Thanks everyone. I hope people are enjoying this game.
No, no! 1002 downloads! WOOOOOOOOOT!
I remember this project, wasn't it on the RRR forums?