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..:: CLASSES ::..

The classes in Hellion are:

The Rogue
A moderately balanced fighter with a strong outside-of-battle-skillset (OOBS). The rogue gains 7 ability points/level up to distribute among the 10 abilities, plus his cost to increase abilities is low, making the rogue the ideal class for those who enjoy lockpicking, hiding, pickpocketing and preemptive attacks.

The Kensai
The warrior class. The kensai is the foremost fighter in the game and a veritable tank. He can equip most any equipment and further improve his fighting ability by dual wielding and attacking multiple times per round. His OOBS is almost non-existant, though.

The Animagus
A secondary warrior class that has access to shapeshifting and totemic skills. Though not a tank like the kensai, the animagus is more than able to handle himself in a fight. Plus, turning into a dragon is cool.

The Cleric
The cleric is a surprisingly effective fighter (due to her ability to equip some great weapons and armor) as well as a proficient healer. The cleric can further improve her in-battle prowess with stat-doubling skills. She also has access to powerful anti-undead spells that lay waste to any ghosts and zombies lurking in the Pit.

The Warlock
With the ability to summon skeletons, ghosts and liches to fight by his side, the warlock rarely travels alone. His access to the dark arts further bolsters his powers and his curses weakens his enemies.

The Elementalist
The fireball-flinging, lightning-casting, earth-shattering mage can unleash magical fury upon his enemies. Which is a good thing because he can't fight very well. A golem or fire elemental helps out in that respect.

The Mindfreak
The brilliant mindfreak is a master of misdirection. Fear, confusion, invisibility and powerful psyche attacks are her weapons of choice. With the aid of some skills, the mindfreak is also a fair OOBS specialist.